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We believe we have created an energising and a rewarding place to work and just as we treat our clients as individuals, we also treat our care professionals with the same personal approach.

Ashridge Home Care - Client and Live in Carer

“The team at Ashridge is amazing. Supportive, flexible, like-minded people coming together to help those that are vulnerable in the community. I love working for Ashridge Home Care!”


Meet a Live-in Carer – Jane Bedson

For several months a year Jane lives with her husband on their farm in Bulgaria, overseeing a renovation project and looking after hoardes of animals.  But the rest of the time she lives with a lovely lady in Buckinghamshire who is in the later stages of dementia, making sure she is well cared for and happy.

Each day is different, “every morning we get up and I have to see where we are for the day either on holiday or maybe back in hospital. But I start every day by working out where we are and go along with her story to ensure she stays calm and happy.”  So life is varied but her overriding priority is that her client has an enjoyable time, be that doing her nails or hair, whilst also maintaining the important routines like regular medication and personal hygiene.


Meet a Live-in Carer – Jane Bedson

Sue - Visiting Home Carer at Ashridge Home Care

Meet a Visiting Home Carer – Susan Mahony

Sue has been a part-time visiting carer with Ashridge for 4 years.  She began working with just one client doing 4-6 hours a week, but has gradually increased her visiting clients and looks after four different families now all with varying needs and requirements. 

Sue loves the variety  and  flexibility that being a visiting carer gives her.  All her work is undertaken locally so she avoids lots of driving between visits and her radius limit enables her to fit her work easily around her main love in life, her dogs and horses.  During the darker winter months she  alters her visit times to ensure her outdoor work with the animals is done in daylight hours. 

Sue has developed a strong bond with her clients and loves working with them on a regular basis, helping them  develop and thrive.  As well as supporting individuals  Sue also enables live-in carers to take a break and helps them in situations with clients that might need support getting in and out of the bath or being lifted into bed.  She has a great bond with other carers as well as the people she looks after. 

Meet Mariesa Corish – Live-in Carer

Mariesa has worked at Ashridge since 2019. When she’s not supporting her client, Mariesa calls Bulgaria her home. Throughout her time with us, Mariesa has cared for people with diverse needs. From elderly individuals requiring assistance with mobility to those grappling with conditions like Dementia, mobility impairments, and brain injury.  Her experience extends to handling complex care requirements such as hoists, catheters, diabetes management, and palliative care.  With the support and training provided by Ashridge combined with her own dedication Mariesa is a wonderful carer.

Mariesa also shines as an exceptional recruiter, having referred nine like-minded individuals to join our team.  According to Mariesa, life is too short to overlook the fulfilling and rewarding path of caregiving. She says, “It has made the most positive impact on my life and given me independence.”

Ali PA Carer Ashridge Home Care


Interview with Ali – PA Visiting Home Carer 

“A lot of people are put off care work as they think it’s personal care but there are a lot of roles that are more companionship and administrative. It enables someone who needs help to stay at home knowing there is someone coming to visit them.  It offers friendship and safety.”

Ali is one of many who have decided to join the social care workforce following a career in a different industry (Retail).

In this interview, we asked Ali a few questions about her transition from Retail to Social Care, work-life balance and what it’s actually like to be a visiting home carer at Ashridge.

Full interview here >> Career change: from retail to care

Interview with Giovanni – Live in Home Carer

After a thorough and successful interview process Giovanni undertook online training modules and was placed as a live-in carer with an elderly gentleman who has dementia in Wendover.

“Having a live-in carer is like being looked after by family. Every day is different. I loved looking after my client in Wendover. We were very well matched and would do exercises together. I would take him out every day, get up around 8am and get him washed and ready for the day ahead.  We stuck to our routine. He was a proper gentleman so we would look our best and go out for a morning club, meet his friends have a cup of tea and socialise. I would take him out in his wheelchair for a walk of fresh air and send photos to his family.”

Giovanni - Carer at Ashridge Home Care


Meet Amina live-in carer in Beaconsfield

Meet Amina live-in carer in Beaconsfield

With age some daily tasks can become challenging but this is where a carer like Amina can be the perfect answer.  

Amina started working with her client in Beaconsfield several years ago, at a time when she didn’t require much help. She started for companionship and to lend a helping hand, and as the years passed Amina was right there at her side when she was diagnosed with dementia.  

Fortunately, they already had a strong bond so it enabled Amina to help her come to terms with the diagnosis. At first she retreated into her shell, didn’t want to go out anymore but Amina managed to build up her confidence by taking small walks in the village to the local coffee shop and then to regular hair appointments at the salon which became a highlight for them both.  “Because of my client I learnt how to bake.  We regularly walked to the village café and one day we decided to try making her favourite lemon drizzle cake for ourselves.  I always involve her in everything I do and this maintains a great quality of life for her.  When the pandemic hit I learnt how to cut and blow dry her hair so we didn’t miss her regular salon outings and living with her I am quickly able to identify problems.  The first wheelchair she had didn’t fit her properly so it took me a long time to deal with occupational health and ensure we got one correctly fitted to make sure she is comfortable.”  

Interview with Paul – Live in Carer


“There is always huge variety but the best days are when I can make him smile and know I’ve added to the quality of his life.”

“When I tell people what I am doing now as a job many will comment “Well I never would have believed you would have gone into that type of work.” Maybe because I have always done hands-on physical jobs. But I can honestly say it is a completely different career and I love it. My previous work gave me great satisfaction knowing I had done a hard day’s work and earned my money, but this job surprised me. I took this job on to help people but I have found out it has helped me just as much if not more.”

Full interview here >> I took the live-in care job on to help people but I have found out it has helped me just as much if not more.


Live in carer Paul and Client Buckinghamshire

We will always need people like you, to take care of our loved ones! For us, caring for others is one of the most important jobs you can do.

We are so privileged to have so many incredible carers who provide the care our clients need every day. They’re human & we know it, yet they somehow manage to be our superheroes.

Ashridge Home Care has been named the Best Employer at the Proud of Bucks Awards 2020, Employer of the Year at the SME National Business Awards 2021 and is actively looking to hire 100 live-in carers and visiting carers to provide high quality care support to it’s growing number of clients.

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Have you ever thought about becoming a visiting or live-in carer? We’re always looking for friendly and enthusiastic people to help support older people to live life to the full. Our roles are well paid, flexible and are available across the South East of England.