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Our live-in care services start from 1,350 per week, we advise that you speak to one of our team to discuss exactly what type of service you need. We can then provide you with an immediate quote for the cost of care. Call us 7 days a week on 01494 917 344.

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How much does live-in care cost?

The cost of a live-in care provider compares favourably to other types of full-time care, such as a residential nursing home. However, the care we provide is very different to that of a nursing home.

Our fees cover the cost of a fully managed service, the cost of the dedicated carer, the management of your care and a care manager who will ensure you are happy every step of the way. 

Our live-in care services start from £1,350 per week, but to get an accurate estimate of costs, it is recommended you contact our providers directly. Our team can provide detailed information on pricing structures, additional fees, and options for customisation based on your loved one’s needs. We also offer free assessments to evaluate the level of care required and provide a more accurate cost estimate.

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  • What does the cost of live-in care include?

    The cost of care covers:

    • Our fully managed service means we employ, train and support our carers to an exceptional level.
    • One-to-one care in your own home.
    • A dedicated care manager to manage your care.
    • An on-call manager available 24/7.
    • A team of consistent regular carers that you are happy with.
    • Peace of mind with overnight support.
    • Travel for the carer to and from your home.

    When you are ready to discuss your loved one’s circumstances, we’d love to hear from you. There’s also no cost for discussing the situation with us; we don’t charge a penny for the initial private care assessment, and there’s no VAT added to care costs.

    How much does hourly care cost?

    While some individuals may require our full-service offering, some may have more specific requests. In fact, often all that’s needed is a friendly face and someone to come to their home for a few hours to keep track of things, provide support with household tasks and appointments, manage medication and provide some company.

    That said, our hourly care is charged at £33.60 per hour on weekdays and £34.80 per hour at the weekend. We know how important it is that your relative builds a strong bond with their carer, and we will provide a dedicated carer they can get to know well.

    It can be hard to make that first phone call to us, but there really is no obligation, and we are more than happy to talk through the different options with you so you can make an informed decision.

    Is live-in care cheaper than residential care? 

    Often, live-in care can provide more value for money than going into a residential care home. Some of the factors that make this possible include:

    1. No accommodation costs: With live-in care, your loved one can remain in their own home, eliminating the need for additional accommodation expenses that come with residential care.
    2. Shared costs: If multiple family members contribute to the cost of live-in care, the financial burden can be divided – making it more affordable compared to covering the full cost of residential care.
    3. Tailored services: Live-in care can be customised to meet the specific needs of the individual, allowing for a more targeted and cost-efficient approach. They receive personalised care without paying for services that may not be required in a residential care setting.
    4. Reduced overheads: Residential care facilities have overhead costs associated with operating and maintaining the facility, which can contribute to higher overall costs. Live-in care eliminates these overhead expenses, the charge for live-in care covers the cost of direct caregiving services.

    How do you pay for live-in care?

    One popular way of funding live-in care is through lifetime mortgages – the most popular type of equity release scheme in the UK.

    With a lifetime mortgage, you take out a loan secured on your home which does not need to be repaid until the last borrower moves into long-term care or dies. It frees up some of the wealth you have tied up in your home, and you can continue to live there. For more information, call our suggested Equity Release Helpline on 0800 0418 041.

    Alternatively, you may also be eligible for an Attendance Allowance if you need care due to an illness or disability. The amount you’ll receive is based on your care needs. However, the most you can receive will be £92.40 a week.

    Your loved one may be eligible for NHS care funding if you have a qualifying health need that requires long-term care. The person in need of care will have to undergo several assessments led by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and social workers. If they are successful, the NHS will cover your live-in care costs in full. 

    Finally, your loved one may also be eligible for assistance with paying for care from the local authority. To check whether you can receive this funding, the individual requiring care will have to complete a two-step assessment process, one looking at your care needs and a financial assessment. 

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