Palliative Live-In Home Care

Palliative care is for people living with a terminal illness where a cure or further treatment is no longer possible.

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What is palliative live-in home care?

Palliative live-in care is for those living with a terminal illness. The key focus is to make your loved one as comfortable as possible, managing any symptoms. By receiving live-in care, your loved one is able to remain in their home, surrounded by their own belongings, pets and loved ones. 

Our palliative live-in care service provides support physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. We understand that receiving a terminal diagnosis is scary, which is why our live-in care enables your loved one to remain independent for as long as possible, living life on their own terms and continuing to do as much as they can.

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Live in care to combat and reduce loneliness

What does our palliative home care service include?

Our specialist palliative care service includes:

  • A dedicated care manager who will ensure your loved one receives the highest quality of care
  • A care plan that will be tailored to their needs
  • Specialist medical advice when needed
  • Ongoing liaison with GPs and other professionals
  • Housekeeping and home comforts – whatever our clients want, we will do our best to make happen
  • Prioritising time with family and friends

How soon can palliative home care be arranged?

At Ashridge Home Care, we’re committed to providing timely palliative home care services. We understand the urgency in such situations and aim to arrange care swiftly, meaning your loved one gets the support they need without delay. Our team works efficiently to accommodate your schedule and preferences, offering compassionate assistance when you need it most. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs, and let us support your family during this challenging time.

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What types of palliative care at home do we offer? 

We offer a variety of palliative care services depending on your loved ones’ needs. Our live-in care service provides 24-hour support with daily tasks, personal care, medication and more. We also offer hourly care for those that only require a few hours a day or a few visits a week. 

We can also offer specialist care for those that require more support for their illness. Everyone’s journey is different and so we’ll advise you on the type of care required after getting to know your loved one and their illness. Palliative care focuses on the person, not the condition, helping them to enjoy life to the fullest in their own home.

What are the benefits of receiving palliative live-in home care? 

Palliative care is hugely beneficial to those with a life-limiting illness, prioritising comfort and happiness above all else. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Remain at home – when diagnosed with a terminal illness, moving away from the comfort of your own home can be disruptive and distressing. By remaining at home, your loved one can live in comfort surrounded by happy memories.
  • Manage symptoms – having a professional carer to help manage your loved ones’ symptoms will ensure that they remain comfortable.
  • Improved quality of life – by staying at home and receiving one-to-one support, your loved one can continue to live your life and enjoy hobbies. This improves both physical and mental health.
  • Reduced risk of depression – a carer is a great companion who’s there to provide emotional and spiritual support, which can minimise the risk of depression.
  • Support for family and friends – our carers can also support and advise family and friends. If your loved ones know that you’re being cared for, their concerns are also reduced.


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Meet our Live-in Carers - Ashridge Home care

Why choose Ashridge Home Care for palliative home care?

A large part of palliative care is concerned with relieving discomfort or distress, and we do everything we can to manage pain and other physical symptoms. Our care plans are individually tailored, and they can complement treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Client testimonial

“Peter was able to fulfil his wish to die peacefully at home; it was a profound and special time when we were able to share meaningful conversations and laughter, thank you to Anna, Olivia and Vicki, his carers from Ashridge, alongside the Rennie grove nurses for their compassion and kindness, ensuring Peter’s comfort and wellbeing to the end”.  T.S

“Thank you for all your help, to Agata, Olivia and all at Ashridge – when I look back at getting you in at what was quite a stressful time – it turned about to be a very settled time, and one which I think Mum enjoyed (probably more than she thought she would).”  (RW – client’s son)

We work with specialist medical staff to ensure we get the best possible advice for each person in our care. Our carers receive specialist training on how to deal with, and care for clients with life-limiting illnesses, or those who need end-of-life care.

To us, the little things are so important. If we get the details right, we can centre the care on the things that make the client happy. For many, being around friends and family is key to their happiness and we do all we can to provide a support system, giving you the time and space to be together.

We recognise how difficult these times can be, and sometimes, keeping up with small rituals can make a big difference.

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How do I arrange palliative live-in care for a loved one?

If you need to arrange palliative care for a loved one, simply fill out the form below or give us a call on 01494 917 344. We’ll then assign them a dedicated care manager who’ll pop over for a visit to discuss their needs and condition. 

We can then create a specialised care plan that’s tailored to their life: we always work around your loved one and ensure they’re happy. They’ll be assigned a carer that suits their needs and personality, so they can start living in comfort. 

“I just wanted to say how delighted we are with Anca – she is a real delight!”

“Rita is doing a great job in our eyes and our mother is so happy and relaxed, they have so much in common and seem to have built a lovely relationship.”

“The carer is superb and she is exactly what we wanted. At least we know mum has someone there overnight if she needs anything.”

Here to help

Choosing care is a huge decision and not something that you should take lightly. Some of these conversations can be tricky and it’s our job to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

We are more than happy to visit you and your family at home to discuss your situation and consider the options available to you.

If you’d like more information, simply fill in the below form and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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