Rewarding our Team

Our culture is very much about caring for our carers so that they can, in turn, take care of our clients.

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Just as we treat our clients as individuals, we also treat our carers with the same personal approach.

We are true believers in the age-old saying that happy staff equal happy clients.

Our enhanced rewards and recognition programme attracts the very best carers, and we have developed a nurturing community where we help and support each other.

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Caring for others is a valuable profession

For us, caring for others is one of the most important jobs you can do. We want to attract the best people to do the best job for us; therefore, we pay an attractive salary to show that we value the hard work and dedication of our team.

Our care managers are in regular contact with their team members. They are always available to offer advice and support, or to discuss individual cases and situations.

All our staff are trained using the nationally recognised standard of the Care Certificate. We also provide an enhanced level of training to make sure our carers are fully equipped for their role, and our highly-respected inhouse medical experts are on hand to offer the very best advice.

Rewards and recognition

We’re proud to be recognised as the highest payer for carers in Buckinghamshire, offering an attractive salary of £840-£980 per week plus double pay on bank holidays and travel expenses. We also offer a client satisfaction bonus if our clients tell us that their carer is doing a brilliant job.

Caring for others can be both physically and emotionally demanding, and it’s so important that our carers take care of themselves as well as their clients. Holidays are scheduled in to our care plans, we pay holiday pay, and we always ensure we have experienced cover in place, so our carers can rest assured that our clients are in good hands while they take a break.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, please contact us for an exploratory chat.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join Us!

We understand the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the dedication and efforts of our care team. Every year, a number of our lovely carers are praised for the outstanding work that they do. From the Live-in home Carers who work with our Clients year in, year out to our Care Managers who ensure that the hundreds of people we care for are receiving the highest standard of care.

We’re a young company going from strength to strength. This year’s awards recognise that we are providing an outstanding service to our clients, that we value and look after our care staff and that we are helping people to stay and be cared for in their own home.

Carers don’t get enough recognition and in many companies they certainly don’t get enough pay. But we are working very hard to change that. We want to attract the very best carers therefore it’s important to us that our package is one of the very best in the care industry.

Caring in our view is one of the most important jobs carried out, so we think it is absolutely fantastic that carers are being recognised and celebrated everyday.

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