Live In Care for Couples

We love providing live-in care for couples, as we understand how important it is to stay together.

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If one of you has a progressive condition such as dementia, you may have a concern that the day will come when you will have to be separated after so many years.

We ask you to guide us so that we don’t intrude on your relationship. We want you to continue to enjoy each other’s company without us getting in the way.

You may be struggling to support and care for each other, and to maintain your independence. Just a little support from us can be all you need to keep enjoying each other’s company.

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Respecting your privacy and maintaining your independence

Our friendly live-in carers are respectful of your home and your privacy. Although we’re here to help with the cooking, cleaning, and general household duties, we encourage you to continue doing what you are able to for as long as possible.

With live-in care for couples, there can be days when one feels the strain of supporting the other, and you just need a bit of respite care before you return to the role of main carer. That’s what we’re here for – we can sensitively take over your role for as long as you need, and then take a back seat once you’ve recharged your batteries.

There are many benefits of live-in care for couples

There are many advantages to live-in care for couples, with the cost savings being a welcome bonus to an already favourable solution. Couples’ care in a residential home can cost up to twice as much as live-in care.

Cost isn’t the only consideration of course; having a live-in carer allows you to stay in your familiar surroundings and continue to support each other as you grow old together.

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“I love that Anca is now Mum’s official make-up artist and hair stylist!  Mum is looking so well and gets many compliments when they bump into acquaintances at the village shop; this is giving her a well needed boost at this time.  And they are both enjoying art sessions, with Mum ‘helping’ Anca produce some amazing pictures.”

“We’re delighted with Lucy!! She is brilliant and lovely with my dad and they’ve bonded really well. It’s obviously a huge relief and thanks to you, Sarah and the team for finding ANOTHER great carer so well suited for my dad.”  Mr C, Cambridgeshire, March 2020

Here to help

Choosing live-in care is a huge decision and not something that you should take lightly.

Some of these conversations can be tricky and it’s our job to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

We are more than happy to visit you and your family at home to discuss your situation and consider the options available to you.

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