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We believe that everyone should have the option to stay in their own home. You can make a difference and develop your career with an award winning live-in care provider.


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What our carers have to say

“I honestly cannot praise Ashridge Homecare enough. From day one, I have witnessed them demonstrate nothing but complete and utter dedication to helping their team achieve the highest quality of care possible. The time, kindness and patience they devote to each and every one of their clients, carers and members of the public is unmatched. I feel lucky to be supported by such a wonderful group of professionals!”

Vikki Powell, live-in carer, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Live-in carer pay and benefits 

At Ashridge Home Care, we’re proud to be recognised as the highest payer for carers in Buckinghamshire. Our commitment goes beyond simply meeting the National Minimum Wage; we significantly exceed it.

Working for Ashridge Home Care means you will receive the following benefits:

  • One of the best rates of pay across the industry (£800 – £945 per week) plus holiday pay and double pay on bank holidays.
  • A monthly client happiness bonus of £5 a day based on client feedback and compliance.
  • Pay that increases the longer you stay with us.
  • Holiday pay to ensure that you can take a break.
  • Comprehensive and continuous training.
  • Ongoing support whenever you need it, on the phone or in-person.
  • Generous refer a friend scheme of up to £400 per friend referred.
  • Employee assistance programme.
  • Allowance for travel expenses.
  • Unlike many live-in home care providers we do not charge an accommodation fee. All your living costs like heat and food are covered.

Supporting a person who is developing dementia


Ashridge Home Carer - Client and Visiting Carer

What does a live-in carer do?

As a live-in carer, you will:

  • Provide person-centred bespoke care to clients, allowing them to continue to live safely in their own homes.
  • Live alongside the client you are supporting in their home.
  • Be a companion to your client and accompany them on outings if required.
  • Undertake induction training and continuing professional development.
  • Work with your colleagues and external agencies to ensure a holistic approach to client care.
  • Support with the administration of medication.
  • Help clients with all aspects of personal care whilst maintaining dignity and promoting the client’s independence.
  • Assist clients to prepare and cook their preferred meals.
  • Provide housekeeping support as required.

100% of our carers said that they enjoyed working for Ashridge Home Care. ASK US WHY +

What qualifications are needed to be a live-in carer?

To be a live-in carer, you do not need to have any previous qualifications, as you will be provided with all the necessary training by your chosen care provider. At Ashridge Home Care, we will assist you with all the relevant training in caregiving, personal care, first aid and medication management. 

Meet our Live-in Carers - Ashridge Home care

What skills are needed to be a live-in carer?

There are many attributes and skills that we look for in our carers. You will need to:

  • Have a positive outlook on life.
  • Be caring, kind, compassionate and empathetic.
  • Enjoy striking up conversation with people (which will require a very good standard of English).
  • Be experienced in making good home-cooked food.
  • Use your initiative and look for what needs to happen next (in consultation with your client).

Why should you choose to become a live-in carer?

Choosing to become a live-in carer can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice for several reasons. Indeed, it allows you to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life by providing direct care and support to individuals in need. By building a strong relationship and creating a unique bond, you make a positive impact on someone’s well-being. 

Similarly, being a live-in carer offers the chance to work closely with individuals in the comfort of their own homes, promoting their independence and maintaining their familiar routines. 

Additionally, it provides flexibility and the opportunity to work with families, healthcare professionals, and other caregivers as part of a collaborative care team. It is a superb role for team players and those looking to enjoy a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. 

But most importantly, being a live-in carer allows you to contribute to the welfare of others and make a valuable difference in their lives.

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Ashridge Home Care - Client and Live in Carer

Meet our carers - Ashridge Home Care

Ashridge Home Care Team

Companionship Home Care

Why choose to work with Ashridge Home Care?

With years of experience in the industry, Ashridge Home Care has established a reputation for delivering high-quality services. Our team of trained professionals brings expertise and compassion to their caregiving roles, ensuring that our people receive the best possible support.

Our package is one of the best in the industry, offering exceptional incentives to everybody working here. Ashridge Home Care offers flexible work arrangements, allowing carers to choose shifts and schedules that suit their availability. This flexibility enables a better work-life balance while still providing essential care to those in need.

We also offer one of the best rates of pay across the industry, pay that increases the longer you spend with us, and a monthly satisfaction bonus based on client feedback. We also guarantee you receive holiday pay, allowing you to take time off and relax. Also unlike many other live in home care providers, we do not charge our carers an accommodation fee. Your living expenses are covered. 

Moreover, Ashridge Home Care maintains a supportive work environment. They provide comprehensive training, ongoing guidance, and support to their carers, ensuring they feel confident and equipped to deliver exceptional care.

By joining Ashridge Home Care, our carers become part of a trusted and reputable team dedicated to enhancing the well-being and happiness of individuals in need of assistance in their own homes.

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Live-in carer FAQs

Do live-in carers have their own room?

Yes – live-in carers must be provided with their own bedroom. The exact arrangements may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the preferences of the individual providing the care. However, it is important to note that specific living arrangements should be discussed and agreed upon between the carer and the care recipient.

Will I be employed by Ashridge Home Care or the person I care for?

Yes – when you apply to be a carer with Ashridge Home Care, you are employed under our care company. This means you are considered an employee, and we are responsible for your employment, including issues such as payroll, taxes, and benefits.

What if I need to leave because of an emergency?

Should you need to take time off work due to an emergency, Ashridge Home Care will oversee every aspect of care. Our team will ensure that the individual you are caring for is never without support, and we will arrange a handover from one carer to another that will be seamless.

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