Q&A’s – Becoming a Carer

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do – We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in joining our care team!

Ashridge Home Care - Client and Live in Carer

Do I need any professional experience or qualifications?

No. Above any experience or qualifications, it is most important that our carers are passionate, dedicated and patient.

We offer full induction training that covers all aspects of the role, including the Care Certificate standards. We have a dedicated trainer who ensures each carer is fully equipped to undertake all aspects of their role with our clients.

We also provide condition-specific training for topics including Dementia; Parkinson’s Disease; Stroke Awareness; Diabetes; Learning Disabilities; and many more.

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What benefits will I receive?

We make sure your salary matches your hard work and commitment to care, offering a daily rate that is very competitive. We pay our carers a bonus every month, based solely on client satisfaction. If you work for a whole month you could be eligible for a £155 bonus on top of your basic earnings.  You will receive a payment for travel too.  Up to £60 for your return journey. You will also receive a pension totalling a 5% contribution and you’ll receive paid holidays.

What will my working hours be?

At Ashridge Home Care, our carers typically reside with our clients from anything between two-weeks to three-months. Each placement will have an average hours agreement which outlines the working pattern for that particular booking. Live-in carers are available for our clients seven days per week with a minimum of a two hour break each day.

What happens if my client isn’t happy with me?

We always try to match our clients to carers that we think they will get on with. It is very rare that a placement doesn’t work out.  If you or your client have any problems you’ll have a dedicated care manager who will either try and help resolve any issues or in a worse case scenario change your placement.

Do I wear a uniform?

As part of our person centred approach you do not need to wear a uniform. You wouldn’t wear a uniform in your own home so we do not expect you to wear one in other peoples. We ask that our carers maintain a smart appearance and wear clothing that is comfortable and suited to their role. We provide our carers with an Ashridge Home Care identification badge that must be kept on your person at all times when in placement.

How will I receive my pay?

You will be paid an agreed daily rate, payable monthly in arrears by BACS. You will receive a detailed pay statement ahead of your pay day which will also state your bonus entitlement for the previous period. As you will be employed by Ashridge Home Care, tax and national insurance contributions will be deducted accordingly.

Why should I choose Ashridge Home Care?

In our recent survey, 100% of our carers said that they enjoyed working for Ashridge Home Care – it really doesn’t get any better than that.

At Ashridge Home Care, we focus our resources around your training, development and commitments outside of your working world so you can achieve a schedule which works for you.

We undergo a committed process to ensure you are matched with the right client. However, if this does not work out the way we had planned, letting us know you are having difficulties will not impact your employment with us; we will simply try even harder to get it right the next time!

Our team of managers have worked in various caring roles previously and bring with them a wealth of knowledge in this area. With this in mind, you can feel sure that when you pick up the phone and chat to our office team they will already understand any issues or challenges you have – you will not need to explain yourself to a team who do not understand what being a carer is all about. In the same 2018 employee survey, 100% of our carers said they felt supported and respected when contacting managers for help or advice.

Finally, we pay well! We want to value our team right from the start and because of this we offer a very competitive starting salary with additional bonus schemes, incentive rewards and a loyalty programme.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to brighten up someone’s day, we’d love to hear from you. Call us or send an email to  recruitment@ashridgehomecare.co.uk.

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