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Experience compassionate and personalised care within the comfort of your own home, with live-in care prices starting from £1,350 per week.


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Providing specialist live-in care in Aylesbury

We understand that our clients value the small details, which is why we invest the effort to customise and ensure your care is just right. Our committed team of carers are here to simplify that choice for you, providing tailored, community-focused and adaptable care for either you or your cherished family member.

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    What type of live-in care services do we offer?

    At Ashridge Home Care, we offer an extensive array of live-in carers solutions aimed at enhancing your life’s convenience, joy and contentment. Our round-the-clock live-in care option empowers you or your beloved family member to continue residing within the familiarity of their own home, complete with services like meal preparation, shopping, house upkeep, and personal assistance—all comprehensively managed.

    For those needing more specialised care, our skilled team are adept at tending to individuals living  with conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. We wholeheartedly recognise the challenges that come with having a family member facing diverse health conditions.

    That’s why we are on hand to provide you with round-the-clock support and ensure that your loved one’s needs are met entirely. Furthermore, we also extend respite care options, allowing you to recharge after shouldering the role of the primary carer.

    Be it intermittent assistance for a few hours each day or periodic visits throughout the week, we’re here to lend a helping hand, enabling you to uphold your independence. All our care services are thoughtfully tailored to your specific requirements.

    We take the time to understand your unique situation, ensuring you experience continuous comfort and unwavering support 24/7.

    Why choose our Aylesbury live-in care services?

    It is commonly assumed that as our loved ones age and tasks become more taxing, a care home is the only viable option. Yet, alternatives exist. Transitioning into residential care isn’t the sole choice; staying at home can offer the care and comfort you deserve.

    24-hour live-in care or hourly visits offer opportunities to remain in your cherished home. This allows your loved one to embrace their surroundings, memories, and prized possessions or enjoy the presence of their beloved pets and nearby friends.

    Our carers are meticulously chosen and trained, ensuring quality care for you. Rated Outstanding by the CQC in the Caring category, our professional carers prioritise your comfort. Regardless of your health condition, a live-in carer will provide the needed support for you or your loved one.


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    What are the benefits of receiving live-in care in Aylesbury?

    Receiving live-in care in Aylesbury offers a host of advantages. Clients benefit from personalised assistance tailored to their specific needs, fostering independence and maintaining familiar routines. Whether it’s helping you out at the local supermarket, a leisurely walk around the park, or relishing moments at a local café or restaurant, our team is here for you. 

    Families can also gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are cared for in the comfort of their own homes, avoiding the disruption of relocating to a care facility. This arrangement not only addresses practical needs, but also provides emotional well-being through ongoing companionship and engagement, promoting an enhanced quality of life for individuals in Aylesbury.

    What is the process for arranging live-in care?

    Leaving the comfort of your own home can be a distressing time, especially if there isn’t a loved one available for constant care. In such situations, live-in care can be a great alternative solution. Our skilled carers come directly to your residence, taking care of daily tasks, assisting with medications and providing heartfelt companionship. And arranging our live-in care couldn’t be easier. Just contact one of our friendly team members using the form on the page. 

    Upon receiving your inquiry, a dedicated care manager will be assigned. Your preferences and insights will steer the process, enabling us to create a tailored care plan that suits your requirements. A thorough assessment of your needs will also guide us in delivering optimal care. Once a care strategy is mutually agreed upon, we’ll match you with a carer attuned to your personality and needs. 

    Our adaptable service revolves around your schedule. Whether you seek 24-hour live-in care or simply desire companionship through occasional visits, our carers can fulfil every facet of care.

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    What our Clients have to say

    “From initially speaking to this company about the possibility of them supplying a carer for my elderly partner I had total confidence that all would be well due to the professional approach and the way they listened to our requirements and acted on them. The carer they provided was incredibly good – caring, professional and full of empathy – I could not recommend them highly enough.”

    “I contacted Ashridge Home Care literally just before lockdown for COVID 19 as my very elderly parents had previously only had daily care for 3 hours a day. They were extremely professional and efficient and within 4 days we had a full-time carer move in. She has been absolutely miraculous giving the  excellent and vital care they so desperately needed. I can’t recommend Ashridge more highly.”

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    Meet our Live-in Carers - Ashridge Home care

    Ashridge Home Care Team

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer live-in care in other locations?

    Certainly, our live-in care services extend across the South East of England, covering areas such as Guildford, Cobham, Bishops Stortford, Godalming, Amersham, Berkhamsted, Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe and London.

    Do you offer live-in care for couples?

    Yes, Ashridge Home Care offers live-in care services for couples in need of assistance. Our compassionate carers provide personalised support tailored to each individual’s requirements while ensuring couples can remain together in the comfort of their own home. Enjoy companionship, safety, and assistance with daily activities while maintaining the bond with your loved one.

    How long will a carer stay with me?

    The duration of a live-in carer’s stay with Ashridge Home Care can vary based on your specific needs and preferences. Live-in care typically involves a carer staying with you or your loved one around the clock, providing continuous support and assistance. The specific length of their stay can be discussed and customised according to your requirements, ensuring you receive the appropriate level of care and companionship.

    Do carers need their own room?

    Yes, Ashridge Home Care’s live-in carers require their own room within the house where they will be providing care. Providing private space for the carer ensures their comfort, rest and privacy during their off-duty hours.

    Further information on our Aylesbury live-in care services

    Finding a trustworthy and tailored carer can be overwhelming. Our committed team of exceptional carers are here to provide the precise assistance you or your loved one requires. Inquire about live-in or hourly care choices by calling 01494 917344, emailing, or using the contact form below.

    Ashridge provided an emergency placement for me when I needed a live-in carer on 24hrs notice. This was a godsend to me as my mother had advanced Alzheimer’s and my Dad had been rushed into hospital. I really appreciated the professional approach from all the staff I dealt with and felt very supported. Ashridge found me a first class carer who was able to provide wonderful live-in care for both my parents allowing them to spend a few more months together in their home of 35 years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ashridge and live-in care.

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    We are more than happy to visit you and your family at home to discuss your situation and consider the options available to you.

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