What our clients say

We care very much about what our clients and their family think about us. Please find below a number of our most-valued testimonials.

Client testimonials-elderly lady having tea with friend

Sean was the best Carer we could have asked for to help my father’ and ‘We couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Ashridge responded to an emergency situation and were able to sort out a live-in carer within less than 24 hours. This really saved what was an extremely difficult and stressful situation.
Once the immediate emergency need was addressed, Ashridge were then able to do a full assessment and provided a carer who is fully able to meet the needs of my mother who is a challenging Alzheimer’s sufferer. The carer is also looking after both my parents with amazing meals and general home help. I have also been impressed with the management in terms of organisation and support of the carer in situ.

We were very impressed by the care provided by Ashridge Home Care Ltd. We had a full and comprehensive home assessment which made us feel reassured that my Mum in Law would receive the best possible care and so it proved. The carer arrived every day to make sure Mum was safe and happy, to prepare lunch and spend quality time chatting and being pleasant company for her. When my daughter visited later on in the day Mum would tell her what a lovely lady her carer was. We highly recommend Ashridge Home Care knowing that we left Mum in such safe and caring hands.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the overall care and service offered by Ashridge. The entire team are extremely efficient and caring and fully understand the requirements of my father and have the necessary skills to provide them.
All the carers have been very sympathetic and patient and formed a real bond with my father. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Care is their biggest asset, they provided continuous support to the client and clients husband. Help was needed straight away as the client’s 80-year-old husband couldn’t cope, circumstances changed in a day.  Ashridge’s experienced admin staff came to the rescue themselves until a suitable carer was free, when there was they were constantly in touch to make sure that the care was as expected.

When we were at the hospital on Monday I had a chat with the physio there who has seen mum a few times since the operation. She was very keen to tell me how much she thinks the dramatic improvement in mum’s leg swelling (and mobility) is due to the frequent exercises and massage that Betty provides. She did say she would be very happy if she had Betty working for her in fact. We too are very pleased with the care that Betty has provided. And along those lines I am grateful to her for managing to do the daily multiple leg measurements that I use to monitor the leg swelling.

From initially speaking to this company about the possibility of them supplying a carer for my elderly partner I had total confidence that all would be well due to the professional approach and the way they listened to our requirements and acted on them. The carer they provided was incredibly good – caring, professional and full of empathy – I could not recommend them highly enough.

Joanna is doing a great job in our eyes and our mother is so happy and relaxed, they have so much in common and seem to have built a lovely relationship.

I and indeed the whole family are most appreciative of your warmth and kindnesses.

I would like to thank you and the caregivers at Ashridge Home Care for the care and compassion you provided to my father. Ashridge Home Care caregivers were professional, knowledgeable and caring.  Just as important, they were kind and compassionate human beings that significantly helped his mental outlook and provided friendship and companionship during a difficult period.  Thank you is not enough. I will recommend you and your staff to any and all that want or need to have someone take care of their loved ones.

Susan is a superb Carer and she is exactly what we wanted. She loves dogs and that is really important as we have 3.

Our carer is so wonderful and we wouldn’t want to lose her – she has been excellent looking after my father, the dogs and the house while my mother has been in hospital.

Trisha is doing a great job with mum. It is really important for us as when Trisha is with mum it means me and my sister don’t need to go and visit that day.

I would like just to record that your help at this very difficult time has been invaluable to us all.

We have with working with Ashridge Home Care for about a month now as my mother has a live in carer. The carers are always so lovely and cannot do enough for my mother – I haven’t seen her this happy in years! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for care as they have gone above and beyond my expectations.

The service we have received as a family has been excellent. Ashridge Home Care have been very professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my mother-in-law’s needs. The qualified carer they have provided is very well suited to the role and has already formed a very positive relationship with my mother-in-law, who feels very reassured that she has this marvellous support at home to give her greater confidence and improve her quality of life. We anticipate this is the beginning of a solution which will enable my mother-in-law to remain in the comfort of her own home with the support she needs. Thank you so much.