Interview with a live-in carer “I took this job on to help people but I have found out it has helped me just as much if not more.”

Live in carer Paul and Client Buckinghamshire

For some of our clients, their carer is the only friendly face they will see that day. Being there to assist with their day to day activities and routines make their life a little easier, and it also benefits you. There’s no other career that offers job satisfaction quite like it.

In this interview, we sat down with professional live-in carer Paul and asked him a few questions about hi previous work experience, getting into adult social care, job satisfaction and the qualities that make a good live-in carer.

How long have you been a live-in carer?

I have worked for Ashridge for just under 2 years now.

What did you do before becoming a live-in carer?

After school I followed in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps working in the coal mines in Stoke-on-Trent. The area is renowned for pottery home to companies like Wedgewood and Royal Dalton but it also had many collieries employing over 250,000 miners. I thought the mines were more exciting and I worked in them hard for 13 years until they were closed down.  After a brief stint running my own gym I worked for a gas company for 12 years, before going on an adventure with my family aged 41.  We moved with our son to live in Bulgaria to renovate an old farmhouse.  I combined working on our own property with working for private clients as a builder, which I still continue when I return to Bulgaria.

I love helping people and making their dreams of creating a new home abroad a reality.

What led you to being a live-in carer?

My wife started working for Ashridge Home Care as a live-in carer and she really enjoyed it and spoke highly of the support she had from the company. When an opportunity for a male live-in carer arose, it seemed too good not to give it a try. We both get a lot of satisfaction from our roles as carers and we can learn from each other.

What do you like about the role?

As a live-in carer you get to experience all aspects of caring for someone and our days are varied. My client has dementia. Some days are not so good when they are confused about things in their life, and all you can do is try your best to ease their confusion, and then some days are really good like watching how they get lost in a moment of sheer enjoyment.

There is always huge variety but the best days are when I can make him smile and know I’ve added to the quality of his life.

Recognising the carers who go above and beyond to make others’ live better.

Ashridge home care live in care

How do you connect with a client?

Since working for Ashridge Home Care I have been fortunate enough to have been with the same client and we’ve got a great relationship. My client has dementia and I enjoy involving him in activities that he loves like music.  I will play music for him on my iPad which he sings along to. He is always amazed at how the magic box works(iPad), he is 97 so you can imagine how technology has come a long way during his lifetime. I learn as much from him as he does from me.

I had a lot of specialist training from Ashridge and training is regularly enhanced so I know I am delivering the best possible care.

You’ve had a varied background, was it difficult to change careers?

When I tell people what I am doing now as a job many will comment “Well I never would have believed you would have gone into that type of work.” Maybe because I have always done hands-on physical jobs. But I can honestly say it is a completely different career and I love it. My previous work gave me great satisfaction knowing I had done a hard day’s work and earned my money, but this job surprised me. I took this job on to help people but I have found out it has helped me just as much if not more.

The feeling this job gives you is very humbling, to be able to share in someone’s life and make it as comfortable as possible for them. It is extremely rewarding. I would recommend anyone thinking of going into care work to just go for it you will be as surprised as I was and love it.

What do you think makes a good  live-in carer?

I think to be a good live-in carer you need to be compassionate so you are able to make sure the person you are looking after is treated in a way that they retain their dignity. You are working in their home to ensure their environment is totally self-centred environment for the person you are working with. You make sure that you offer positivity and encouragement and involvement that will help the person that you are looking after feel like they are valued, important and respected.  And finally, I think you must make the person you are looking after feel happy and content with their life as they deal with the reality of their condition and always be considerate, patient, understanding and reassuring as all of this will help in their times of need.

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We truly value our dedicated team of  live-in carers, and we recognise that it takes exceptional people to do such a demanding yet rewarding job. Have you ever thought about becoming a live-in carer? We’re always looking for friendly and enthusiastic people to help support older people to live life to the full. Our roles are well paid, flexible and are available across Buckinghamshire and the South East of England.