Real Stories: Urgent home support for clients with dementia – Benefits of live-in care.

Dementia Home Care Buckinghamshire

Often, family members are overwhelmed with the demands of organising urgent/ emergency care for a loved one. We have many years’ experience of providing urgent care and we aim to be able to help within 48 hours of your call. 

We can manage the practical side of things so you can be there to support emotionally. Organising hospital appointments and transport, seeking specialist medical advice, helping around the home – we can take care of everything.

According to the Live-in Care Hub’s  No Place Like Home Report, dementia is now even more feared in the over 55’s than cancer. The research carried out for the report showed that around 34% of adults are frightened most of suffering from dementia in later life, ahead of many other diseases.

For many people considering live-in care, it can be difficult to make the initial call to us as you may feel like it’s an acknowledgement that you’re not quite coping anymore. We see it in a slightly, different light. We like to support couples to stay together, there can be days when one feels the strain of supporting the other, and you just need a bit of respite care before you return to the role of main carer. That’s what we’re here for – we can sensitively take over your role for as long as you need, and then take a back seat once you’ve recharged your batteries.

Our carers are fully trained in specialist dementia care, and we encourage the use of many specialist methods and techniques to help keep your loved one content and engaged. We spend a great deal of time getting to know the person in our care – what makes them tick, what their interests are, and how they like things to be.

Read this genuine testimonial from Suzanne, wife of a client with dementia who’ve experienced live-in care first-hand.

“Just before Christmas my 88-year-old husband who has vascular dementia suffered a crisis. We were woefully unprepared and realised hands-on help was needed. Ashridge Home Care assessed the situation and found us a live-in carer at very short notice. He was wonderful, a perfect match for my husband.”

“Our carer was calm, experienced with dementia, patient, and very kind. He showed us how to cope with physical limitations and established a daily routine as well as advising about what practical aids we needed long-term.”

“Most of all, he was a joyful, positive presence in our household. He treated my husband with respect, encouraging him to focus on what he can do, not what he has lost. He stayed with us for 8 weeks; in that time, my husband recovered remarkably well.”

“Ultimately, they were doing gardening together and going for short walks. He left us in an excellent state and phoned 2 days later to see how we were coping. I highly recommend Ashridge Home Care. You will be in safe hands.”

There’s overwhelming evidence that staying at home with one to one care and attention can have a profound effect on health and wellbeing.

With live-in care, your loved one will experience a better standard of care in the comfort of their own home, from a fully qualified carer who is able to assist with everything from daily needs to emotional companionship, personal care to domestic chores that need to be completed. Live-in carers very much become part of your loved one’s family, because even in a short amount of time, a bond will form if there is a good match of personality and technique from the carer to your loved one.

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You can be sure that your family member has the best specialist care available when they need it. We take a personal and sensitive approach to dementia care as we understand that the symptoms vary quite considerably from person to person. Consistency of routine and surroundings provide comfort and reassurance, and being immersed in a home full of memories is often invaluable.

Find out about how the right care can make a real difference for those living with dementia, helping their quality of life improve dramatically. Whether you need a lot of support or just a little looking after, we will provide flexible, cost-effective, tailored support to suit your needs.