Enabling people with dementia to remain at home- A real story of live-in care.

Live in care for couples-ladies having tea

Midge is a lovely lady living in Buckinghamshire with Tom her son, a retired RAF officer and his wife Carol who works in the NHS Safeguarding department.

They decided that Midge should move in with them after she had a series of falls in her own home, she was getting in a muddle with her medication and started to neglect herself. It was clear that she needed around the clock supervision.

Since Midge moved in with her son she is enjoying good health and is being well looked after with her family around her. Tom and Carol have a busy and full life, they enjoy time out with friends and regular holidays.

They had considered placing Midge in a care home for respite care while they were away on holiday but they were concerned that the upheaval of unfamiliar surroundings would be upsetting for her.

When they found out about live in home care as an alternative to residential care, particularly that the cost of live in care compared favourably to that of respite care in a home, they realised that it was the ideal solution. It allowed them to continue to enjoy life while having the peace of mind that Midge was well cared for in her own home.

Tom and Carol go on regular holidays and while they are away Ashridge Home Care have worked with the family to provide a fully managed live in care service. The carer provides all the care and assistance Midge needs, including preparing meals, housekeeping and very important companionship.

“Having a live in carer looking after Midge while we are away gives us so much reassurance, we know that she is being well looked after and she enjoys the company. It’s a brilliant service and something we didn’t even know existed until recently!” (Tom, Son of Client – Buckinghamshire)

The face of care for the elderly as we know it has been changing rapidly over the last decade. Traditional care or residential homes, once the only option available to many people needing more help than could be offered by family members, has begun to undergo a rather quiet revolution. But like most revolutions this one is becoming louder, stronger and demanding to have its own voice. The name of this revolution is live-in-care, and the evidence of the benefits of a live-in carer are irrefutable.

Unlike other care options, a live-in carer will actually stay with your loved one. This means a better relationship between the carer and your loved one, which leads to a better understanding of your loved one’s care needs.

With live-in care, your loved one will experience a better standard of care in the comfort of their own home, from a fully qualified carer who is able to assist with everything from daily needs to emotional companionship, personal care to domestic chores that need to be completed. Live-in carers very much become part of your loved one’s family, because even in a short amount of time, a bond will form if there is a good match of personality and technique from the carer to your loved one.

Here at Ashridge Home Care, we take a personal and sensitive approach to dementia care as we understand that the symptoms vary quite considerably from person to person. Consistency of routine and surroundings provide comfort and reassurance, and being immersed in a home full of memories is often invaluable.

Our carers are fully trained in dementia care, and we encourage the use of many specialist methods and techniques to help keep your loved one content and engaged. We spend a great deal of time getting to know the person in our care – what makes them tick, what their interests are, and how they like things to be.

It can be very difficult to navigate the complexities of social care, and the options available to you and your family.

A family member may need more support than you can provide but feel anxious at the thought of living in a residential care home. If you are not sure if Live in Care is for you, it is possible to try it out and see.

Whether you or your loved one has had a deterioration in health or are awaiting hospital discharge, a short period of live-in care could be for you. Clients who come to Ashridge express uncertainty as to whether live-in care will be the best option for them.

Our live-in care trial enables families to try our service and decide if it is the best fit without a long-term commitment. Speak to a care professional​

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