Why We Are Passionate About Live In Care

There’s overwhelming evidence that staying at home with one to one care and attention can have a profound effect on health and wellbeing.

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Ashridge Home Care was borne out of the genuine need for additional care services to be provided to people in their own homes – where they feel most comfortable and at ease.

We give people the choice to stay at home when they need it most.

With 12.7 million people in the UK aged over 65, we are vehement they should be able to stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

We have first-hand experience of the positive impact that remaining at home can have. Our founder, Trudi Scrivener has worked in care for almost 30 years and has organised live-in care for over 300 people within 7 years.

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We believe that everyone should have the option to stay in their own home

We are true believers that staying within the familiarity of our homes is integral to our wellbeing. We understand that many people have the intention to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and we make this a viable option for many.  We go the extra mile to extend our live-in care services to as many people as possible, whatever their needs may be.

Our company’s passion and values come through in everything that we do – from the training that our staff receive to the way in which we engage clients’ families and friends to make certain that we get the level of care just right.

The Live-in Care Hub’s new quality of life study suggests that a third of those in residential care and over half in nursing homes never leave their home, compared with just one in five (21%) live in.

The study also highlights that one in six (15.2%) of people in nursing homes say they have no control over their daily life compared to only 3% of those people interviewed who have live-in carers.

We believe that it’s important to maintain your independence and focus your time on the little things that make you happy and we’ll do everything we can to allow you to do so.

Live-in care – a viable alternative to residential care

Here at Ashridge Home Care, we are often astounded by how few people realise that live-in care is a realistic option. We are passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of live-in care, and that it is a better alternative to residential care.

We have joined forces with highly-respected medical professionals, to give us access to the best advice, whenever it is needed. This is proving to be invaluable, especially when we’re caring for people with complex health conditions such as Parkinson’s or a stroke.

We take an active role in raising awareness nationally and we are an avid member of the Live-in Care Hub, whose shared aim is to raise the profile of live-in care in the UK.

“Staying safe and well at home is the best solution for people, their families and communities. Live-in homecare has an essential role working with the health service. It can make a real difference to avoiding hospital admission, which is traumatic for anyone, but particularly for people with dementia or advancing frailty.”

Bridget Warr, Chief Executive, United Kingdom Homecare Association

99% of live-in clients say the care they receive helps them have a better quality of life. (Taken from the Live-In Care Hub’s new quality of life study)

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“I would like just to record that your help at this very difficult time has been invaluable to us all.”

“Trisha is doing a great job with mum. It is really important for us as when Trisha is with mum it means me and my sister don’t need to go and visit that day.”

Here to help

Choosing live-in care is a huge decision and not something that you should take lightly.

Some of these conversations can be tricky and it’s our job to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

We are more than happy to visit you and your family at home to discuss your situation and consider the options available to you.

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