Why live-in home care is a real alternative to residential or nursing care homes.

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The Better At home study , commissioned by The Live-in Care Hub  draws on a wide variety of sources: academic research, Government reports and personal experiences. The findings may be surprising; showing that live-in care ensures a happier and healthier later life – with fewer falls – and is an excellent, affordable alternative to residential or nursing care.

The research investigates care and nursing home fees and quality. Kent University’s Adult Social Care survey was also used to compare people’s happiness in care homes versus live-in care.

We know that 97 per cent of people don’t want to go into a residential care home if they become ill or less able to cope; it can be unsettling to move away from friends, a partner or pets. Ageing in our own home – in a safe and therapeutic environment – is the oldest and most respected form of social care, though still little known about in the UK.

Live-in care provides great peace of mind. To be in familiar surroundings, with treasured possessions, beloved pets, friends nearby, while receiving tailored, professional care enables elderly relatives to live well – and be as healthy and happy as they can be.

With no rigid timetables, each day is planned around the client and their own routines and preferences (this is especially beneficial for those with dementia). Carers can adapt quickly and easily to any changes in needs. Indeed, getting to know their charges well also helps a carer spot when someone might just be little off colour, enabling health issues to be picked up as early as possible. Live-in care is about caring for the whole person, not just an age or health issue.

If you are considering ‘live in care’ for someone you love, and are based in the UK, give us a call so we can discuss your care options and needs.