Ashridge Home Care Awards Finalist for Palliative and End of Life Care Expertise

We are thrilled to announce that Ashridge Home Care has secured a coveted finalist position for our expertise in Palliative and End of Life Care at the upcoming 2024 Home Care Awards this spring. This achievement resonates deeply with our commitment to advocating for end-of-life care at home. 

Our dedication to facilitating serene, home-based farewells is reflected in our collaboration with individuals, their families, and medical professionals. We aspire to transform the dream of a peaceful home-based transition into a tangible reality.

This is especially relevant as we know given the choice, a very high percentage of us would like to receive care in our own home as opposed to a care or nursing home. 

Moreover, statistics indicate that 70% of the population would like to pass away in their own home but shockingly less than a quarter do. The latest government statistics (Palliative and end of life care profile December 2023 update: Statistical commentary – GOVUK) tell us that a higher number of people have died at home (28.7% in 2023 vs 24.4 % in 2019) and 41.2% of people who died in a care home were temporary residents which suggests that people moved into those environments because they were unable to access what they needed to remain at home. 

“In 2023, at Ashridge Home Care we supported over 70% of our clients to pass away in their own surroundings.”

With our person-centred end of life care plans, experienced Care Management team and a member dedicated ‘EOL Champion’ coordinating with community teams, and hospices we are able to ensure that every need is met and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, particularly in the last few days which makes a significant difference.

We know how valuable a support network is for families whose loved one is at the end-of-life. Compassion is at the forefront of all we do, and we are dedicated to extending this to all the family, providing much-needed reassurance as and when they need it. From the sensitive care provided by our carers, to the support offered by our management team, particularly our End-of-Life Champion, we also work closely with other health professionals involved to ensure a smooth and holistic service is provided, that offers peace of mind for everyone. 

Testimonials from our clients highlight the difference our care has made during these crucial moments. One client expressed gratitude for the professionalism, kindness, and care provided, creating a warm and comforting environment until the very end. 

“L was always professional, kind and caring towards my mother. My mother felt safe and secure.  I am sure part of mum’s calmness was due to the fact she felt genuinely cared for and never alone.

My mother was aware right to the end and the sound of laughter, combined with the gentle security made a huge difference.  They had laughs as did the rest of the household and the feeling of warmth within the home was comforting for all. 

In the last couple of weeks, the house was full of visitors, and we all knew the end was near.  L demonstrated strong emotional intelligence, was upbeat and conscious of the people around her and how they were coping. 

L worked with the fabric of the house – understood my mother was still in charge and did all she could to help us help mum. 

Mum wanted to die at home.  I am glad we were able to meet her wishes. Thank you to L for helping us manage it in a warm, loving, calm and happy environment.“ 

Louise Joslin, our Managing Director, shares her perspective on this achievement, emphasising the pivotal role of palliative and end-of-life care in the community. 

‘In achieving the Finalist position, it just solidifies the important message of how impactful palliative and end of life care is in the community when it is done well.  We hope that our success in this area, instils confidence in those who are seeking a reliable, caring provider who can support at this vital time. Having delivered this type of care personally throughout my career, I have seen first hand the difference good care delivery can make not just for the individual but also for the family.’

If you need to arrange palliative care for a loved one, simply give us a call on 01494 917 344. We’ll then assign them a dedicated care manager who’ll pop over for a visit to discuss their needs and condition.  For a more in-depth exploration of the benefits of receiving palliative care at home, we invite you to read our blog: The Benefits of Receiving Palliative Care at Home.

At Ashridge Home Care, we firmly believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to be surrounded by love and familiarity in their final moments.