Promoting rewarding careers : Meet Live-in carer Mariesa who quickly turned top recruiter.

We know that without good quality care professionals, Ashridge Home Care can’t provide the care our clients need every day.

Mariesa’s glowing recommendations means she has referred seven friends to work with her at Ashridge Home Care – sharing really is caring.

Mariesa you have referred an amazing seven friends and family to join you as carers at Ashridge, why?

During my three years with Ashridge I have made several referrals to the company as I love my work here.  I’ve made 7 referrals for Ashridge to date. I just love Ashridge and really love my job.  I’m very passionate about the company- they treat you as an individual rather than a number.  All the staff at head office and other carers are really supportive.  I just want everyone to be as happy as me.

An impressive 7 carer referrals, what is your secret?

I am a social person and it is easy to entice someone when you are as happy in your job, company and lifestyle.

 How do you balance working in England with having a family abroad?  

Although I am British and have a British passport, I have lived in Bulgaria for the past 14 years.  My 13 year old daughter and husband are still there and I go back regularly.   I also have a 21 year old daughter who works is one of the people I referred to work at Ashridge with me.  She is also a live-in carer and is based locally near me in Beaconsfield. I Love Bulgaria, it is a very beautiful country with lots of nature.  This works fits in with my lifestyle. I work for 5 weeks then have 5 weeks off when I go home to spend time with my family.

Did you work in care before?

Yes, I worked for several for companies and private clients.

What attracted you to the care profession?

Initially, it was the flexibility and finances but also I used to be a medical Receptionist/Secretary and I fancied a more “hands on’ profession.

 Talk us through your career with Ashridge.

I have been with Ashridge for 4 years now.  I started in September 2018. When the pandemic struck I was in Bulgaria which meant I couldn’t travel for a while.  I was unable to care for me clients for 10 weeks and I really missed and worried about them.

How did you find Ashridge?

The Recruitment Manager contacted me via CV Library. She was full of enthusiasm and gave me real confidence for the job.  My first client was in Aylesbury and was mainly based upon giving companionship, cooking meals and general housework.  She was a lovely elderly lady with mobility problems.

What types of live-in clients have you had?

Mostly elderly people with mobility problems who simply need help getting around the house and like to have someone to spend time with.   But I’ve also cared for clients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, mobility problems, brain injuries, which has given me experience in dealing with hoists, catheters, diabetes and palliative care.

How do you relax?

Lots of times I go for a walk or I meet another friend who is also a carer.  It is important to spend time outside when a lot of the job is indoors.  I also like to write and read books.

What is particularly rewarding about your work?

Being able to assist someone else and being supportive. Being part of someone’s life. Putting 100 percent of effort into my role. Being appreciated by the client, the family and the agency.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining this career?

Don’t hesitate, take a chance, life is too short. It’s rewarding and fulfilling.  I have a great placement with a lovely lady in a beautiful area.  Find your vocation. It has made the most positive impact on my life and given me independence. Work for Ashridge!

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