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At Ashridge Home Care, we provide compassionate and professional home care services to those residing in Stevenage. Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, our dedicated team are here to support your unique needs.


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Providing specialist live-in care in Stevenage

Our expert team is dedicated to delivering personalised, 24/7 support for your loved one in the comfort of their own home. With a deep commitment to enhancing quality of life, we provide a range of services tailored to unique needs, ensuring the wellbeing and independence of our clients.

Find out how our team of experienced carers can provide your loved one flexible and professional care at home.

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    What type of live-in care services do we offer?

    Every individual has unique care requirements, which is why we offer a diverse range of services that are customised to meet specific needs. Our live-in care service is designed to support individuals or couples who may require assistance with personal care, household tasks, taking medications or simply seek companionship.

    We are passionate about promoting independence and enabling individuals to stay in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why our live-in care service seamlessly adjusts to your relative’s daily routines and lifestyle.

    For those in need of extra support, we also provide rehabilitation care aimed at assisting recovery after surgery or following an injury. Our skilled carers are well-prepared to deliver specialised care tailored to individuals living with conditions such as MS, dementia, Parkinson’s or those recovering from a stroke.

    Why choose our Stevenage live-in care services?

    First and foremost, our commitment to individualised care makes us different. We recognise the uniqueness of each person, acknowledging specific needs, daily routines and personal preferences. Our carers invest time in establishing a deep personal connection with your loved one, ensuring that their care plan is meticulously crafted to encompass every facet of their wellbeing.

    Our carers go beyond aiding with daily tasks; they offer priceless companionship. As well as physical assistance, our carers form meaningful bonds that promote emotional wellbeing and alleviate feelings of isolation.

    We are also committed to preserving your loved one’s independence, allowing them to maintain their own household rules, routines, and beloved surroundings while still receiving the necessary support.

    With expertise spanning various care requirements, including specialised conditions like dementia, our highly trained carers offer not only compassion but also the highest level of care proficiency.


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    What are the benefits of receiving live-in care in Stevenage?

    Located at the heart of the county and a mere 40-minute train journey from London, Stevenage offers residents a blend of heritage, shopping delights, and a wealth of thrilling events for all to relish. Be it a trip to Fairlands Valley Park, an evening at the Gordon Craig Theatre or a Saturday wandering around Stevenage Old Town, we understand why residents would want to stay within the comforts of their surroundings. 

    Our carers have great local knowledge of the best days out and nearby medical facilities. So, whenever your relative decides to explore the local market or engage in activities they love, we’re here to accompany them on their journey.

    What is the process for arranging live-in care?

    At Ashridge Home Care, we take care of individuals in various circumstances, understanding the importance of finding the perfect live-in carer. Our simple process prioritises comfort and removes any pressure to make quick decisions. 

    After an initial conversation, a dedicated care manager will come to your loved one’s home. Through an assessment, we will create a personalised care plan that aligns with their needs and preferences. You’ll have the opportunity to review the plan with your family to ensure that everything is included. In fact, your choices guide us, and we only proceed when you are all entirely satisfied.

    We will then match your loved one with a carer who is well-suited to their needs and personality. Whether they require 24-hour live-in care or specialised care, we empower them to lead an independent life.

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    What our Clients have to say

    “From initially speaking to this company about the possibility of them supplying a carer for my elderly partner I had total confidence that all would be well due to the professional approach and the way they listened to our requirements and acted on them. The carer they provided was incredibly good – caring, professional and full of empathy – I could not recommend them highly enough.”

    “I contacted Ashridge Home Care literally just before lockdown for COVID 19 as my very elderly parents had previously only had daily care for 3 hours a day. They were extremely professional and efficient and within 4 days we had a full-time carer move in. She has been absolutely miraculous giving the  excellent and vital care they so desperately needed. I can’t recommend Ashridge more highly.”

    “The Ashridge Companion has shown not only kindness and consideration but also considerable resilience and imagination in building a relationship with our friend and showing in what ways she can help her. Ashridge Home Care are very well networked into other support mechanisms and have been instrumental in getting our friend into a local Day Centre once a week and arranging a team of neighbours to provide transport. Highly recommended.”


    The Benefits of Companionship For The Elderly

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you offer live-in care in other locations?

    Yes, we offer live-in care across the South East of England, including Ascot, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Princes Risborough and London.

    Is live-in home care the best option for my loved one?

    Determining if live-in home care is ideal for your loved one depends on their specific needs, comfort at home, desire for independence, budget constraints, family support, and professional assessments. Live-in care can offer personalised assistance, familiarity and independence, making it a suitable choice for many. However, you should bear in mind their circumstances and preferences before making your decision.

    How does the cost of live-in care compare to the cost of residential care?

    While costs can vary based on location, services and individual needs, live-in care often offers a cost-effective alternative. Money goes much further with live-in care, as your loved one will receive a dedicated carer who fully understands their needs and personal preferences. The cost for couples is also great value for money, because with live-in care there is no need to pay for two different beds.

    Do you offer a live-in care trial?

    We recognise the significance of making well-informed choices when it comes to your loved one’s health. This is why we offer a two-week trial of our live-in care service, allowing you and your loved one ample time to assess the arrangement. Please feel free to get in touch with our care team, who will guide you through the evaluation process and connect you with the necessary care and support.

    Further information on our live-in care services

    To find out more about how we can assist you or your loved one in selecting the ideal care solution within Stevenage, dial 01494 917344, email, or use the contact form below to reach out directly.

    Ashridge provided an emergency placement for me when I needed a live-in carer on 24hrs notice. This was a godsend to me as my mother had advanced Alzheimer’s and my Dad had been rushed into hospital. I really appreciated the professional approach from all the staff I dealt with and felt very supported. Ashridge found me a first class carer who was able to provide wonderful live-in care for both my parents allowing them to spend a few more months together in their home of 35 years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ashridge and live-in care.

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    We are more than happy to visit you and your family at home to discuss your situation and consider the options available to you.

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