Autumn’s in the air – Here are 6 Easy autumn activities to do with your elderly loved ones.

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Whilst lots of people love nothing more than the heat and sunshine of the summer months, plenty of us also prefer the cooler air and beautiful colours that autumn brings.  

Sure, it might feel that there isn’t as much you can do when the weather is cooler, but we know this isn’t the case. Autumn is an excellent time to find some new things to do, but you can also use it as a perfect opportunity to get any elderly loved ones out and about.

To help to inspire you, we have put together six easy autumn activities you can do with your elderly loved ones, allowing you both to spend time together and enjoy the best of the autumn months.

1- Go out for a nature walk

One of the best things about autumn is how it changes the world around us. Suddenly the trees are full of a wealth of colours, and we start to see all sorts of other bits of nature. This means that it is the ideal chance to go out and have a walk together.

Not only this, but the weather is perfect too, it is not too hot, and it is yet to get cold, so you don’t have to worry about being too cold whilst you are out or overheating..

The Autumn Chilterns Walking Festival takes place 15 – 30 October  2022 and booking is now open!

Elderly autumn walks - Ashridge Home Care

2- Learn to knit or do another hobby together

If you do decide that you want to have some time inside, then autumn is also another great chance to learn a hobby together. Knitting is ideal as it is easy enough to pick up and can be used to create gifts for family members. It is also relatively low-cost, which is perfect if you are trying to keep costs down.

15 free knitting patterns for Autumn – From Britain with Love

Elderly Knitting with carers

3- Press some leaves or flowers

Another great hobby you can take up together is pressing leaves and flowers. This is particularly ideal to do during the autumn season when you will have plenty of colourful leaves to choose from (not to mention flowers that are probably on their way out of your garden too).

Again, this can be something that is then passed on as a gift if you choose to.

How to Dry Flowers 5 Ways | Ultimate Guide to Drying Flowers 

4- Tackle an autumn-themed puzzle

There is something hugely rewarding about being able to tackle a puzzle together. It brings you together, gives you both a project and keeps your loved ones’ brain thinking and focusing. Putting together a puzzle improves mood and strengthens the connections within a person’s brain.

A beautiful selection of Jigsaw Puzzles inspired by this gorgeous season

Elderly Carer Activities Autumn Puzzle

5- Create your very own gratitude tree

Times can be challenging, and there is always a chance that you will need to remember all the great things you can be grateful for. You can remember gratitude and its place in your life in many ways. However, one of the best ways is to create your own gratitude tree.

This will give you the space to physically represent those things, making sure that you think of why you should be grateful and reminded of them later on.

12 Best Gratitude Tree Ideas – Good Housekeeping

Gratitude Tree - Autumn Activities with elderly loved ones

6- Get baking with some easy homemade treats

Who doesn’t love baking up a storm in the kitchen? We know that we do, so we think homemade baking treats are an ideal way to spend some autumn nights. There are lots of great autumn-themed recipes out there that you can think about trying for yourself and a whole host of delicious flavours to sample too.

Top 10 autumn baking recipes | BBC Good Food

Elderly carers cooking baking activities

As you can see, just because the weather is starting to cool down and the days are getting shorter, that doesn’t mean that you and your elderly loved one have to feel trapped at home. There are still so many great things that you can do together.

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However, a few hours a day to provide companionship, care and even practical assistance may be all that’s needed to give them the confidence to stay in their own home for years to come.

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