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What is Live in Care

Live-in home care is a real alternative to residential care and is suitable for people where living alone has become difficult, including those with dementia.

As the name suggests live-in care means that a carer will live and work in your home providing you will all the assistance you need to stay at home. Live-in care includes all aspects of housekeeping and cooking as well as providing you with all the personal care you need to maintain a dignified and fulfilled life. You will have a small team of carers, about 3 people who will rotate around the year. This provides you with excellent continuity and you can get to know your carer well and will become great companions.

Having a live-in carer staying with you in your home means that you can continue to enjoy life on your own terms, there is no need to go through the upheaval of moving into a care home. Live-in care enables you to maintain as much independence as possible, keeping you in control of your life. You will have your own dedicated Care Manager who will organise your care for you and make sure that you are getting everything you need from the service.

We provide a fully managed service and this means that you will have a dedicated Manager who will co-ordinate every aspect of your care for you. Making sure that your team of carers are well supported and trained. If your care needs change we will make sure that our service is adapted to suit and we will help co-ordinate your medical appointments too.

We employ our carers ourselves and take care of aspects of their Tax and NI, we also ensure that they have good rest breaks without disrupting the care provided to you.

Our dementia expert is on hand to provide advice and support to families and to carers of our clients with dementia. Live-in care avoids the upset caused by moving somewhere unfamiliar and creates a calm and familiar environment.

Being a fully managed service it means we are there to step in and help with any situation. We will make sure that our client receives ongoing help in the event that their carers is ill or has an emergency, we will also ensure that the right type of care is provided if the needs of our client changes, giving loved ones the peace of mind that their relative is being well look after.

To speak to any of us and seek advice about anything care related please contact us 01494 917 344