The mental wellbeing of the homecare workforce is more important now than ever before.

Working Minds Social Care

We are proud to support the new Working Minds Campaign giving small businesses the tools to recognise & respond to the signs of stress at work and  promote good mental health in the workplace.

The Working Minds campaign has been created by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety is committed to improving the health of workers, Together with our partners including Mind charity , Homecare association , Mental health at work, and Mates in mind HSE are are inviting business and organisations across the nation to support our campaign and become Working Minds Champions.

HSE’s chief executive Sarah Albon said:  “No worker should suffer in silence and if we don’t act now to improve workers’ mental health, this could evolve into a health and safety crisis.”

“The pandemic has highlighted the need to protect the health of employees who have faced unprecedented challenges; the Government is committed to building back better and we want to make sure good mental health is central to this.”

Social care employers and workers wanting to know more about the Working Minds Campaign, including the legal obligations, advice, and tools available, should visit:

Commenting on the campaign, Ashridge Home Care Founder Trudi Scrivener said: “Giving staff access to mental health support is a provision that our industry has been crying out for as stress and anxiety levels soar.”

“We need a culture change across Britain’s workplaces to make recognising and responding to the risks of stress as routine as managing safety. From access to a dedicated councillor to extra holiday pay after a busy period, appreciating the mental and emotional demands of the job and offering practical tools to help tackle these challenges is key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce.”

Our aim is always to provide exceptional service to our clients and to maintain our status as best employer. Transparency and reflective learning are imperative. We are a home care company who genuinely understand and care. We have created a culture that we are proud of, where our care workers and clients are valued and respected and are at the centre of all of our thinking and everything we do.