Why does adult social care matter? ‘Care for Others. Make a Difference’ Campaign

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In the wake of the coronavirus, people are urged to apply for short-term and long-term work in the adult social care sector.

Older people deserve to be cared for especially after the challenges this year has brought to so many. The public is being called upon to register for rewarding short-term and long-term prospects in the adult social care sector to help care not only home residents but also the people who are cared for at home.

The effect of the new COVID-19 has disrupted the whole country and there is an urgent need for additional staff, which can come to the aid of the adult social care workforce. The coronavirus has forced many care workers to go under self-isolation to protect people from the transfer of the virus, which has only increased the absence rates in recent months.

People looking for a new job or considering a career change can now look for opportunities to help elderly people with their daily activities, companionship, or taking care of housekeeping, shopping, and cooking. The roles that the carers will get will be based on skills, requirement, experience, and the discretion of the care provider.

This week will see a start of the campaign. Under the strapline “We need you now. They need you always”, adverts will run across national broadcast and online TV, radio, social media and online to inspire people to make a difference now by working in social care, stressing the gratifying, diverse and flexible roles open all over the care sector to help build a sustainable workforce now and for the future.

At present, around 1.5 million individuals work in the adult social care and there are many opportunities for the people who want to make a difference and do some good for our society.

Commenting on the Care for Others. Make a Difference initiative, Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary: said: “We are doing everything we can to support the adult social care sector throughout this pandemic and our social care workforce have done an incredible job of helping the most vulnerable in society.

“I am urging the public – whether you are a job-seeker, or looking for a new career – to consider working in care. We need short-term support while we face the pandemic and to continue to recruit the right people, with the right values, now and into the future.

Helen Whately, Minister of State (Minister for Care) at the Department of Health and Social Care said: “Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen thousands of wonderful people step forward to volunteer for the NHS and take part in our truly tremendous national vaccination effort. Today, I’m asking people to step forward to help in social care too.

“We need more people who want to play their part in this pandemic to choose social care. There are thousands of opportunities, from short-term roles to long-term careers.

“Jobs in the care sector are hard work, but they can also be incredibly rewarding. When you get home from work you know you’ve made a real difference for the people you care for. I know we can’t say thank you to care workers too many times for what they do.”

Even people with no prior experience in the field can apply as appropriate training is given to make sure they can perform their duties as social care workforce.

Those who are interested in a longer-term career in social care can check the Every Day is Different website and find jobs in their area. Once they visit this website, they can also find the page to register for short-term opportunities.

Professor Deborah Sturdy OBE, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care said: “I know from my own experience how wonderful and rewarding a career in social care can be.

“I have worked with some incredible people and by joining the adult social care sector you will meet incredible people and improve lives – including your own.

“We need people who care about others to come forward and seize these opportunities.”

Sir David Pearson, Chair of the Social Care Sector COVID-19 Support Task Force said: “Since starting as a social worker in Nottingham in the early 80s, I have been fortunate to work with great teams, services and leaders in healthcare.

“Social care works as a crucial springboard for wellbeing and the commitment and care of the people who work within it are the most important ingredients for success.

“Being part of this has been a privilege and a pleasure and the ‘Care for Others. Make a difference’ national campaign is a great chance for others to get as much out of a career in adult social care as I have.”

For Ashridge Home Care, caring for others is one of the most important jobs you can do. We want to attract the best people to do the best job for us; therefore, we pay an attractive salary to show that we value the hard work and dedication of our team. Training will be provided for infection prevention controls and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Also, vaccinations will be provided as per the key worker status and the priority vaccine scheme. We also provide an enhanced level of training to make sure our carers are fully equipped for their role, and our highly-respected inhouse medical experts are on hand to offer the very best advice.

Read more about: How we value our live-in carers and reward their hard work.

We want to thank our carers for all they do to look after our loved ones. Throughout this pandemic, they have gone above and beyond to protect our parents and grandparents, and to provide them with the support and care they need and we would be truly lost without them. This exceptional career choice can be difficult but extremely rewarding, and we would urge anyone who is thinking of a career in care to come forward and join this heroic care workforce. 

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