What is it Really Like to be a Live-in Carer? , Interview with Gillian from Ashridge Home Care

Live-in care is the full-time homecare alternative to moving into a care home. Arranging live-in care provides peace of mind for all the family and combines bespoke one-to-one care with the independence of a relaxed and good quality life at home. If you have been thinking about pursuing a career that revolves around compassion, kindness and a sense of making a difference to your community, then live-in care may well be the career for you. We have asked Gillian , a Live in carer at Ashridge Home care , few questions about working in care , here is all what she had to say.

Tell us a little about you?

I’m a 53 y/o mother of 3. Someone suggested because of my patience with children, that I could be a carer. I applied, and  that’s where it started

What’s it like, being a live-in carer?

It’s brilliant. It’s like living in your own home, without the responsibility. You get to have a home (which I love), you get to take pride in the home, and you get to make a difference in someone else’s life. You are valued and needed

What is particularly rewarding about your role?

I always said I was a good mother, because I’m a nurturer by nature. I am compassionate and patient, and I care. It’s like always being a mother!  I love that I make life easier for someone, that I make a real difference, that I make someone laugh, or happier by being there. I love that I show those elders the respect that they deserve, and show them they’re still important.

What types of live-in clients have you worked for?

I have had 2 purely companionship jobs, and the rest have been quite complex. I’ve worked with Acquired brain injury to stroke, to Parkinson’s, to dementia.

What have been your biggest challenges?

It’s always difficult trying to fit into another carers shoes, so just trying to find my feet initially was hard. With dementia, mood swings are common, so trying to maintain your composure when the person you are with doesn’t particularly like you is a challenge

Would you recommend this job for your friends?

If you want to feel like you make a difference, yes!!

There are lots of advantages to pursuing a live in care career. Not only do you get to care for some lovely and kind people, but we pay an attractive (above current living wage) salary, and with your accommodation and food paid for the majority of the year, you will have more of your pay left over to spend on other things you care about.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to brighten up someone’s day, we’d love to hear from you. Call us or send an email to recruitment@ashridgehomecare.co.uk.

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