Outstanding Home Care: Supporting our clients with memory loss.

Ashridge home care

Ashridge Home Carer Heather has been thinking outside the box to make her elderly client from Princes Risborough accept well needed care.

As people age, they may suffer from chronic health conditions and age-related changes that affect their ability to do the things they enjoy. Memory loss can lead to many practical difficulties. It can also have a strong effect on how they and those supporting them feel.

Our visiting carer kept getting turned away at the door by her 92 year old client, turned away 4 days in a row, client is forgetful and who doesn’t feel she needs help but actually she is frail and does need support – so carer Heather takes her little doggy along – complete change of heart from the client, welcomed them both in and enjoyed Patch sitting on her lap sleeping while she enjoyed a game of scrabble with her carer, who was then able to help her with important tasks around her home and check she was safe.
An absolute breakthrough – so meet Patch – new member of the AHC team! 
Well done Heather for thinking outside the box and finding a way to encourage her client to accept a visit. We are so privileged to have so many incredible carers who provide the care our clients need every day.
There are many reasons why home care can make a positive impact on those frail and suffering from memory loss . A home carer is able to provide the vital social interaction and professional care , so their quality of life is as good as it possibly can be.
As well as providing care and companionship, caring for a vulnerable person in their own home means that their overall decline will slow. This is because they will be staying at home surrounded by everything they love, and not having to go through the trauma of moving into a residential care home.

Personal relationships and someone’s social environment are vital to life, regardless of age, physical or mental ability. People can recognise this by being as supportive and caring as possible. Carers, friends and family, can help a person suffering loss of memory to feel valued and included. Support should be sensitive to the person as an individual, and focus on promoting their wellbeing and meeting their needs.

Find out how our hourly care services can make a real difference for those living with memory loss and confusion, helping their quality of life improve drastically compared to other types of care.