Parkinson’s: who cares for the carer?

When you care for somebody with Parkinson’s disease, you often forget about your own needs as you do everything in your power to ensure that they continue to lead a happy and fulfilled life despite the limitations that their condition places on them. Although your commitment and care for the person is admirable, it is all too often unsustainable over the long term. Caring for someone with complex needs can be both emotionally and physically exhausting – especially if you are trying to balance your own life with your care responsibilities. There are several options available for those looking after someone with Parkinson’s, so let’s examine how professional care support can help release you from some of your responsibilities and offer some much-needed respite from your duties.

Personalised care as a priority

Having a carer or team of carers that understand Parkinson’s disease and are experienced in caring for those with the condition will ensure that you are able to step away from your role as a carer with total confidence that your loved one will be well looked after. By offering personalised care that is tailored to the individual and delivered in their own homes to minimise stress, confusion and anxiety, the carers will build up a rapport with the client and ensure that all their needs are catered to. This allows you to take a break from your responsibilities with full peace of mind.

Respite care

If you require more than a few hours away from your role as a carer or are crying out for a well-deserved holiday, respite care is an excellent option. Many people who care for those who suffer from Parkinson’s often walk a fine line between functioning and complete burnout. Having the time to recharge those batteries while your loved one is cared for by a team of professionals in a specialist care home setting can allow you the space needed to re-energise. This means that you can return home fully rested and ready to pick up your responsibilities once more.

Access help and support

Sometimes, all that’s needed to lift our moods is an outlet to vent the many frustrations that come along with caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s. Although many of us may feel guilty for ‘complaining’, your feelings are justified. Caring can at times be difficult and a real drain on our emotional reserves.

Do you live in Buckinghamshire?  

Consider  reaching out to one of the many dedicated Parkinson’s support groups in Buckinghamshire. They can connect you to others who are also in the same situation and able to fully empathise with you. These are groups made up of healthcare professionals and kind hearted volunteers  that can provide you with hints and tips on how to care for others and ensure that you make time for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for additional help and support when things get tough. For free, independent and practical guidance about making care choices across Buckinghamshire , please call 01494 917344 or email