Not the end .. Live-in care is the beginning of a new chapter.


We are committed to raising the quality of care in Buckinghamshire by giving people the opportunity to be cared for at home.

Live-in care is a fast-growing alternative to residential and nursing care. More than simply another care option, it combines high levels of  bespoke people centered care with the added independence of life at home. Here, you can learn all about the physical and emotional benefits of live-in care. From how it works, to who to contact to arrange your care and how much it costs, including state funding and plus care.

We believe the more people know about live-in care, the better lives our loved one’s will enjoy.

We are very proud to be an active member of The Live In Care Hub , a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2013 with a vision to enlighten everyone on the benefits of live-in care. and guarantee the very highest standards of care.

If living alone or with a partner is becoming increasingly difficult, we can provide that little bit of extra support they need to maintain as much of their independence as possible.

Want more support or guidance ? Call one of our care advisers for a friendly chat: 01494 917344