National Carers Week 2018

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Increasing National Awareness of Carers

In the UK, National Carers Week will be running from Monday 11th June to Sunday 17th June this year. Carers week is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of the caring community in the UK, by highlighting the challenges that our carers face while they’re working and recognising the contribution that they make to our society. National Carers Week is run by a range of charities and organisations across the UK, all of which have different specialisms, and help the public explore and understand exactly what a carer does, and how they help.

Why was Carers Week created?

Being a carer can be difficult. Without the right support, it can be a position that has a negative effect on the carer’s health, finances, and even their relationships. Our carers are spectacular. They don’t just care about the individuals that they assist, they also look out for families linked to their patients and clients and are particularly involved in various communities throughout the UK that need assistance and support.

National Carers Week is brought to fruition by individuals and organisations who come together across the UK to organise activities and events that bright to attention just how important caring is. In 2017 over 1300 events were planned over Carers Week, showing just have much support carers have in all of our communities.

Approximately 6.5 million people in the UK are registered as carers. These are individuals who are responsible for looking after a parent, partner, child or friend, or even people employed as carers for their job, who look after individuals in care homes or in their own homes. A carer is someone who provides care and support to an individual that has a disability, illness, mental health problem or who needs extra help as they grow. Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but sometimes carers can find it difficult to remember to take care of their own well-being whilst caring for others.

The notable impact that caring can have on the carer’s health and well-being should not be underestimated. This is why supporting carers is such a huge part of the events that surround Carers Week. Organisations come together to share stories, talk about the effects that caring has on the people that are involved in caring, and educate the general populous on why our carers are so vital to our society.

Who is taking part?

It’s crucial that our carers aren’t forgotten, which means that National Carers Week is needed to remind our communities about how much our carers do for them. There are several associated charities and organisations who take part in National Carers Week, including:

Age UK, who are the largest charity in the country dedicated to helping all individuals make the most of their elder years. They assist millions of people every year by helping provide support, companionship, and advice for those who need it.

Carers Trust, which is a major charity representing carers. They support carers in their homes by providing grants, replacement care, advice, emotional support, and even practical help. Their goal is to bring unpaid carers into the light, and give them the help that they need to thrive in their daily life.

Carers UK are a similar organisation to Carers Trust and have very similar values. They are aware that many carers don’t know how or where to get help and aim to change that. Carers UK understand that caring isn’t an easy task, and it’s not often one that the carer is ready for.

Independent Age campaign to give elder people a voice in issues that relate and matter to them. Every day, their helpline advisers hear from older individuals about the challenges they face, and their goal is to highlight these challenges and how communities and carers can help with them. They recognise the invaluable contribution that carers make to the lives of elderly people.

Macmillan has become one of the most well-known associations in the UK, right next to household names such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Macmillan understands how being a carer can affect the carer’s life and they want to support carers by offering them assistance in return.

MND Association supports carers who look after individuals that suffer who motor neurone disease. There are specific challenges that come with caring for individuals with MND, and the MND Association empathise with those carers and aim to assist them in these cases.

MS Society are a community of people who live with MS, yes, but they are also scientists, campaigners, volunteers, and fundraisers who show their support by being a part of this wonderful society. Whether you have MS, or are caring for someone who does, the MS Society are here for you.

What is Carers Week about?

Carers Week is about celebrating the assistance that carers provide to millions of people every day. They work tirelessly to help their families and friends, and unlike professional carers, in-house carers often have little time to prepare themselves to care for another individual in the way that individual will need. Carers provide day-to-day support for others, without expecting anything in return. National Carers Week is about recognising these carers and showing them support through as many communities as possible.

Because caring is usually a full-time position, many carers find themselves facing hardships. Most commonly, these range from financial issues to ill health. When an individual starts caring for another person, they often neglect themselves or dedicate to much time to that person without realising that they also need to take care of their own basic needs. Caring is, as mentioned, usually unpaid work. Which means that carers typically work a full-time job alongside caring.

It’s important that, as a collective, we support these individuals who give so much to help another person. You may very well know someone who is currently providing care for another. Around 6,000 people become carers every day, and most of them never see it coming. National Carers Week celebrates carers and their work, which is why it’s such an amazing event.



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