Continuity of care support: Finding the perfect live-in carer and client match.

Live-in carer celebrates third year anniversary with client

“Three whole years today with my favourite lady!” commented Vikki, our fabulous live-in carer, on her third anniversary celebration with happy client. This is wonderful! Happy anniversary to you both‼️

Does Ashridge Home Care offer a Carer / Client Match Guarantee?

Matching clients with available carers isn’t enough. Here at Ashridge Home Care, we guarantee to find a carer that our clients are happy with from the very early stages. We do this by spending time getting to know our clients. We learn about their medical and health history, hobbies, interests, personalities, and life experiences too. We get to know our carers too. And then we carefully match up clients and carers we think will get on well with each other.

It means our clients are more likely to enjoy their home carers’ company and feel comfortable having them in their home. After all, they’ll be seeing quite a bit of their carers. So we want them to feel like an extended family.

Caring for our carers so that they can, in turn, take care of our clients

For us, caring for others is one of the most important jobs you can do.  Caring for the same client for three years is a huge milestone, it proves that our carers are doing an outstanding job!

“I honestly cannot praise Ashridge Home Care enough. From day one, I have witnessed them demonstrate nothing but complete and utter dedication to helping their team achieve the highest quality of care possible. The time, kindness and patience they devote to each and every one of their clients, carers and members of the public is unmatched. I feel lucky to be supported by such wonderful group of professionals!” Vikki.

Our culture is very much about caring for our carers so that they can, in turn, take care of our clients. Carers deserve value, respect and support for the incredible work that they do and good competitive pay for the responsibility that they have.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of our care staff around the country for the continued hard work and support they provide every day. You are amazing!

Our enhanced rewards and recognition programme attracts the very best carers, find out more