How Live in Care improves quality of life

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Live in Care is the happier option

A ‘Better at Home’ study demonstrated why live in care is a real alternative to residential or nursing home care.

The study shares findings from research commissioned by the live in home care hub showing that people living in their own homes with live in care are happier than those living in residential care.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Brits think it is important to speak to elderly relatives regularly, and 1 in 10 admit they only see their relatives at Christmas or special occasions

The report shows that live in care reduces the amount of common ‘older age’ incidents which will always happen as part of the risks of ageing. The risks of incidents like falls and hip fractures are reduced considerably by having around the clock live in care in the home.

Plus someone who has live in care is much more likely to enjoy the food and drink they want than someone in a residential or nursing home. People who receive live in care also enjoy greater independence. A shocking 37% of people in residential and nursing homes DON’T EVER LEAVE THEIR HOMES, compared with just 21% of people who have live in care in their own home.

Live in care provides dignity and independence. It offers the least restrictive environment for people as they get older, with no rules that might apply in an institutionalised setting.

As people get older, less active and perhaps weaker, the simple things like good food, drink, a sense of control and as much activity as possible become very important. Live in care can provide not only one to one care and supervision but good home cooked food at a time when people want it.

In the study 81% of people who had live in carers in their home said they get ‘all the food and drink I like when I want it’. This compares to only 8% of people in nursing homes who said that they don’t always get adequate food and drink.

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