Latest Information on Covid-19, including updates on how we are protecting our clients and carers.

Ashridge home care

COVID-19 continues to be dominating our days. We have had no cases amongst our clients and we have continued to make sure that people remain safe. It really goes to show that staying at home is the best care solution!  The COVID 19 crisis is here and will likely be a part of life for a long time. Our loved ones deserve the ability to live life on their own terms, yet remain safely in their home to stay healthy. If you, or a loved one, are facing the emotional decision of finding the right elderly care, it is important to reach out.

Care homes have been badly hit by the coronavirus crisis, with many residents having to isolate in their rooms with no visitors.  So it’s not surprising that more and more families are exploring the alternative forms of elderly care such as home care and live-in care, remember that there is support out there for you. 

We have opened our office to enable carers to access PPE supplies albeit on a reduced number of HQ staff in at any one time.  We continue to not allow visitors to the office, we are happy to have a chat outside in our courtyard if this is needed, but Zoom and other online technology continues to prove a brilliant way to keep in touch.   We have introduced a remote office setup where our office members are on Zoom together all day, from office and home! In effect its normal office functions from Monday to Friday.   We are slowly re-introducing quality assurance visits to our client’s homes, as long as we are able to keep a 2m distance and using PPE where required.

Our service has continued without disruption, all calls have been answered as normal by an office team member and this will continue.  For AHC, it is business as usual and we continue to assess new clients requiring care, although we have tightened up how we do that.

We will continue to recruit new carers for our team, and we will continue to support our existing clients and carers throughout what is a very uncertain time.

Training our new staff and updating our existing teams is vital and we have opted for virtual training and support of new and existing carers.  We are meeting carers for support and supervision outside whenever possible and always observing a 2m distance.

We will continue to monitor quality but this will mainly be carried out virtually, using carer notes, telephone calls to carers, family members, the client and their representatives. If our carers need support we are visiting only when necessary and always observing as much distance as possible, at least 2 meters and always wearing appropriate PPE.

We are providing PPE (personal protective equipment) to carers including masks, gloves, aprons and shoe covers, as well as anti bacterial handwash and spray.

Other additional measures we are taking to reduce any risks of infecting our vulnerable clients:

  • Reducing handover between carers
  • Reducing numbers of people into the home
  • We are restricting the number of visiting carers to each client
  • Volunteers supporting with shopping and urgent tasks
  • 24 hour phone line for concerned relatives
  • We are screening all carers returning from overseas, each carer will complete a declaration to confirm they have been isolating for 14 days ahead of their journey to the UK. Any carer that has not isolated for 14 days ahead of their journey will be asked to delay their return
  • Live-in carers are wearing PPE for travel
  • Not using public transport in the UK – being collected by one of our employees and both wearing full PPE for the entire journey
  • Testing for Covid-19 on arrival to UK
  • 14 day quarantine with client using full PPE

We are facing unprecedented times. And evidence from around the world shows clearly that it is older people, especially from the age of 70 upwards, who are most likely to become very seriously ill and even die if they contract Covid-19 and we are here ready to do whatever we can to prevent that from happening and provide one to one care and support to all our clients.

If you, or a loved one, are facing the emotional decision of finding the right elderly care, it is important to reach out in times of need, remember that there is support out there for you.

We want to thank the communities we work in who have provided an overwhelming show of support.

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