Our teams are working hard to keep essential home care services running – including during the heatwave.

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We can’t say it enough… thank you to all our care staff who have been working hard all week during this heatwave to keep our clients safe.

These extreme conditions can be very dangerous to your health. Make sure to stay cool and most importantly stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Please stay safe and don’t suffer in silence. Discuss any concerns you have with your care manager or a member of the office staff. 

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If you are advising, visiting, supporting, or caring for someone in their own home, these are the steps that should be taken before the hot weather happens.
With the heatwave continuing this weekend, it’s important to know the signs of heat exhaustion:
> headache
> dizziness or confusion
> loss of appetite
> excessive
> sweating
> cramps
> excessive thirst
> temperature
> fast pulse or breathing
Heatwave elderly care
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Older people and people with underlying health conditions are particularly at risk during this heatwave Make sure you check up on your vulnerable family, friends and neighbours and they know how to keep cool and hydrated. Find out more: Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather.