Keeping an Eye on Elderly and Vulnerable People During the COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Reasons Why a Visiting Carer Is The First Choice For Thousands Of Families Across The UK.

10 Reasons Why a Visiting Carer Is The First Choice For Thousands Of Families Across The UK.

These are uncertain times we live in. It is difficult to know what to do with all of the misinformation surrounding the Coronavirus. However, one thing remains constant during this uncertainty. Our elderly and vulnerable individuals need to be taken care of as they seem to be the most affected by COVID 19. Hiring a carer for an elderly or vulnerable person you love is often the best and safest solution.

Visiting home care (or hourly care) helps people who wish to stay living in their own home, but who also require help and care with various aspects of their day to day life. Carers can help with personal care, companionship, cleaning the home, physiotherapy, pet care, medication, nutrition. Carers will also help to improve the quality of life of their client by helping them remain mentally and physically active and as independent as possible, assisting with health and mobility issues.

Here are just 10 ways a carer can help during these uncertain times.

Safe Care  

Providing the very best care is about finding the right people who genuinely care about helping and getting things right from day one.  We are providing PPE (personal protective equipment) to carers including masks, gloves, aprons and shoe covers, as well as anti bacterial handwash and spray. And we will continue to support vulnerable people and carers throughout what is a very uncertain time.


Not being able to visit elderly parents and loved ones means that many vulnerable people are now alone and isolated. Although this is clearly a necessary precaution, it can leave people living alone feeling lonely and closed off from society. Having a friendly carer visiting can drastically diminish that feeling of isolation and keep them connected to the outside world. Yes – the UK government has advised that people are still able to leave their homes if they need to provide urgent support or care for vulnerable mum or dad. However, due to the possible infection risks, it is strongly recommended to get support from  professional , healthy and fully compliant carers respecting all the hygiene rules and using the right PPE.


Cleaning may seem like a nominal chore to some, but for those with mobility or stability issues, it can be a very difficult task when cleaning companies are no longer operating. Keeping things clean and disinfected is essential to overall health in these challenging times, so having a carer to take care of these nominal tasks will drastically help those shut self-isolating at home maintain their health and keep their home from becoming disorganised.

Pet Help

Pet care is something that many elderly people use to maintain exercise. Taking the dog for a walk can give them the exercise they need to keep joints and muscles healthy. However, many are unable to get out of the home and walk their precious animals at this point, but pets still need cared for. A carer is a significant help in this instance and could even ensure that the elderly person gets outside and has exercise walking their dog in the safe knowledge that they have someone to help them should they require it.

Gardening Assistance

Gardening is another way many elderly and vulnerable individuals maintain their health and connection to the outside world. Having a carer support a frail elderly person continue to enjoy their garden can really help a person who would otherwise be confined to the indoors.

Food and Grocery Shopping

The grocery store used to be a place to socialise and enjoy time outside the home. These days, however, it is becoming a place of potential infection and those who are most vulnerable to the virus need additional assistance with food and grocery shopping.

Fall Prevention

Falling should not be accepted as a part of growing old. With a few common sense and easy to implement measures, an older person can still be safe in their own home and enjoy a good quality of life. A carer can notice changes in behaviour that may indicate a possible UTI and assist with everyday tasks to keep the person from falling and potentially hurting themselves.

Food Preparation

Preparing food can be a fun task, but for elderly and vulnerable individuals it can become a very dangerous one as well. People living with Dementia can often forget to turn off appliances leading to potential fires. Having a carer in place means that person can eat without fear of a possible fire or injury. Carers can prepare healthy food for a couple of days in advance or come daily to prep hot meals for the person.

Helps Relatives Stay in Touch

One of the most stressful aspects of this time of isolation comes in the form of an inability to actually visit those we love. Thankfully, we have vast amounts of technology that allows for optimal connectivity. A carer can help vulnerable or elderly individuals with devices for video chats  with family member to keep everyone together when we have to stay apart.  Our carers are all provided with electronic devices to support this.

Engagement to Prevent Mental Health Issue

Depression is a real possibility during the COVID-19 Pandemic and with so many people being isolated away from those they love, depression can come on quickly. A professional carer in place can help watch for signs of depression and even interact with the individual on a deeper level then just essential needs. They can play games, do crafts, yoga, or any other activity the individual usually uses to guard against possible depression and mental health issues.

If you have yet to embrace the possibilities that a high quality professional carer can bring to the elderly or vulnerable person you love, now is the time. The COVID 19 crisis is here and will likely be a part of life for a long time. Your loved one deserves the ability to live life on their own terms, yet remain safely in their home to stay healthy. A carer can provide that little bit of extra support they need to maintain as much of their independence as possible while remaining safe, secure, and properly cared for, in their own home.

It is important to reach out in times of need, remember that there is support out there for you . Find out about the many benefits of Visiting Home Care, including information on how the service provides bespoke senior care focused on the needs of the individual receiving care in their own home.

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