Bucks Free Press: “Ashridge Home Care win accolades at annual awards ceremony”

Another great achievement for the best Care Team in Bucks! Well done to everyone at Ashridge Home Care

These awards are all about raising awareness of live-in care as a better and safer form of care for the elderly.

The default care option tends to be residential or nursing homes, although unsurprisingly 97 per cent of people DON’T want to move into institutional care if they become ill or less able to cope. It can be unsettling and deeply upsetting to move away from friends, a partner or pets.

“The epidemic has shown the vulnerability of the oldest among us (mortality is highest amongst older people). It has highlighted the weakness in the way we treat our elderly, who deserve to live their years with dignity and happiness. Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of people in care homes, 2020-21 has been a year of isolation, loneliness, and vulnerability.” The Live-in Care Hub

There is a REAL alternative. Ageing in our own home – in a safe and therapeutic environment – is the oldest and most respected form of social care. Live-in care, still little known, but fast increasing in popularity can provide the perfect solution.

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