Have you just been discharged from hospital and need one to one care to get you back on your feet? We can help!

The live-in home care option is not only life-enhancing for the person being cared for, it can also help families and the health service. It offers a very efficient and effective solution to one of the NHS’s major issues, that of hospital ‘bed blocking’

We are facing unprecedented times and dealing with the novel Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest single challenge the NHS has faced in its 70-year history. The strain on our NHS is showing, with overworked staff and overcrowded wards.  It’s time that we start to work collaboratively to tackle this national problem.

Residential nursing homes turning away elderly patients being discharged from hospital.  I can understand why many care home managers would feel the risk to other residents it too high. This is why people must start to understand that there is an alternative to residential care.  One to one live in care provides a safer option.

Here, at Ashridge Home Care it is business as usual.  In fact, we’re even busier than usual, as communities pull together in this time of crisis. I set up my company three years ago as I passionately believe there is an alternative to going into a care home and every individual has the right to be cared for in their own familiar surroundings.

This is now more pertinent than ever and I am hearing daily accounts of kindness and gratitude from clients and carers alike.  We are all pulling together.  Live-in home care is one of the safest options for vulnerable people right now. One to one care in the safety of one’s own home.

I am working closely with the Live In Care Hub – a group of 21 high quality live-in care providers spanning a huge network across the country, who are willing and able to help. We all have the capacity to help vulnerable people across the UK and we are working tirelessly to stay on top of COVID 19 by embarking on a massive nationwide recruitment campaign to ensure there are live-in carers for everyone that needs one.  This increased drive includes a robust training programme ensuring that every new applicant can be trained and ready to work with clients within a matter of days.

Now more than ever we are seeing people from all walks of life who want to contribute and help people in need. We can tap into that by providing first class training and PPE.

Our trained head office team can even work closely with the NHS commissioning teams to free bed space by enabling elderly and vulnerable patients to be discharged sooner to their homes with a qualified carer to look after them and manage medication, household chores and communication with loved ones.

Our service is continuing without disruption, all calls will be answered as normal by an office team member who are all working remotely and available 24/7.

No one wants to be stuck in hospital when they are well enough to return home or be cared for in the community. We all need to pull together, not against each other. Together we can get through this.

If you have any questions and wish to get in touch with us, then you can either call us on:

01494 917344 or you can email us at: info@ashridgehomecare.co.uk

Best Wishes

Trudi Scrivener

Founder and Managing Director of Ashridge Home Care 


The days are gone where you had to settle for a care home in your later years. The home environment is often more suitable than a residential care home for a variety of reasons. Having a live-in carer means that our clients can continue to enjoy life on their own terms. Hear the difference live-in care can make, from people who’ve experienced it.