Carers Week 2022 highlights the vital job carers undertake

Carers Week 2022

It’s Carers Week 2022 and this year we are coming together with six other charities to help make caring Visible, Valued and Supported!

Every day carers tell us how difficult life can be for them. Many feel they are invisible and not heard. Let’s change that.

From adding your voice to taking part in activities, there are loads of ways you can get involved.

Check it out:

Are you looking after a loved one or know someone who is? Spread the word about Carers Week 2022 on social media using the hashtag: #CarersWeek2022 and get your friends and family involved!

The Carers Week campaign is brought to life by thousands of individuals and organisations who come together to provide support for carers, run activities, highlight the vital role carers play in our communities and draw attention to just how important caring is.

Unpaid carers do a fantastic job of caring for loved ones at home, working hard every day to look after them and attending to their needs. Carers Week is a time to turn the spotlight on carers themselves and show our appreciation for all that they do.

The government must provide more support to unpaid carers so they can care safely and well. That’s why we’re calling for a Recovery and Respite Plan for unpaid carers. Carers UK

carers week open letter to the prime minister


Ashridge Home Care 

The Importance of Respite Care

Although caring for a loved one is your utmost priority, we understand how emotionally and physically demanding it can be. It’s our job to give you the reassurance that your loved one will receive the highest quality home care while you take time away to look after yourself.

Respite home care gives you the opportunity to take a short break safe in the knowledge that your loved one is cared for. We do everything we can to maintain your established routines and we welcome any advice on how best to keep things calm and comforting while you’re away.

It doesn’t always mean that your loved one stays at home with a carer while you take time away. Sometimes, it means that we take on the jobs so you can spend time relaxing together.

Do you live in Buckinghamshire? 

Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but carers often find it challenging to take care of their own well-being whilst caring. Remember, there are people out there who can help. For advice and information please visit:

Carers Bucks is an independent charity commissioned by Buckinghamshire County Council to support carers throughout the county. Carers Bucks supports the health and wellbeing of unpaid carers and supports unpaid carers of all ages and in different caring roles. These caring roles include young carers, young adult carers, parents of children with a physical or learning disability, older carers, carers from the black and minority ethnic community and those looking after someone with a mental health condition.

Carers speak out

We are inviting carers and former carers to use the carers speak out page to talk about the difficulties they face (or faced in the past) and tell the Government, other decision-makers and the public what needs to change to support carers better.