Caring is so much more than simply looking after someone, it’s making sure they live their life to the full!

Above and Beyond - Ashridge Home Care

The Ashridge Home Care team go above and beyond to ensure their clients are well cared for and happy. Their caring goes beyond arranging appointments and support with personal washing and medication administration.

The live-in and visiting carers are passionate about helping families live life to the full.

Just like in this story about Hani, a live-in carer to a couple in Buckinghamshire. Hani has been with an elderly couple now for 10 months and knows they enjoy gardening and are active members of their local church community.

During the spring she helped them arrange two gardening fundraisers for the local church. One small event took place in the client’s garden so she could take part, which raised £110. And then a larger gathering at the church, on a sunny Saturday in May with tea and coffee and plenty of cake.

Together the two events raised more than £1000. All the plants had been grown in the client’s garden which the live in carer helps the couple tend to.

Live in care can provide all the care and support people need to stay at home, even those with the most complex health needs and those who are extremely frail and vulnerable can be supported to stay at home. Often the default option is to consider nursing home care and this doesn’t have to be the case. A professionally trained care manager can assess the needs of clients and make sure that the right level of care is in place to enable them to remain at home.

Ashridge Home Care carefully matches carers with clients so that they share mutual interests and are trained to support their daily needs. As well as caring for complex care needs a live-in carer offers so much more than medical support and helping with personal care. They ensure clients live their best life in the home they love pursuing their interests. Home care gives you the reassurance that there is always someone there to help.

If you’d like to discuss your situation, please call Ashridge Home Care and speak to one of our friendly care managers Tel: 01494 917 344 or alternatively email us at