21,000 live-in carers needed to protect elderly from COVID-19 pandemic

21,000 live-in carers needed to release hospital beds 

Help us reduce the risk of infection by getting elderly and vulnerable people back into their own homes where they can be supported by a live-in carer in isolation in a safe environment.

For more info , please visit: crisiscarers.co.uk

The Department of Health is calling for hospital beds to be freed up. However, with care homes protecting their residents by enforcing lockdown, many elderly and vulnerable people needing further support are now unable to be discharged to a care home, meaning that many are having to prolong their stay in hospital occupying valuable hospital beds and increasing their risk of infection.

Live-in care is a safe and immediate solution to get people out of hospital and back into their own homes, freeing up hospital beds for those who need them. In order to do this, we need 21,000 carers to join the social care sector and ensure care can be provided to those returning to their own homes. We will have trained carers in homes within 14 days of applying so the sooner we can get the message out there and applications in, the sooner we can relieve some of the current strain on the NHS.

Is a career in live-in care for you?

Live-in home care – also called 24hr home care – is an alternative to a residential care home enabling elderly people to stay in their own home but with the same professional, round the clock care you would expect from a care home.

It takes a certain kind of person to become a carer. And someone with something even more special inside to be a live-in carer – take a look at this video and see if that sounds like you.

Being a live-in carer is a special career. We truly value our dedicated team of carers, and we recognise that it takes exceptional people to do such a demanding yet rewarding job.


Better at Home: Why live-in care is a real alternative to residential or nursing home care

A ‘Better at Home’ study demonstrated why live in care is a real alternative to residential or nursing home care. The study shares findings from research commissioned by the live in home care hub showing that people living in their own homes with live in care are happier and safer than those living in residential care.

Live-in care is arguably the safest option of care to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Live-in care is a safer option than group living as the vulnerable and elderly can be supported in isolation and infection control risks are minimised due to reduced footfall through their home. Professional carers are also fully trained to spot signs of infection.
COVID-19 continues to be dominating our days and we are taking every effort possible to keep vulnerable people safe.