Carer and client talking over a cup of tea

​​​​Who Can We Help

We can provide a range of support to people in different situations.

Our expertise ranges from people who need little help and are looking for companionship to situations where families are worried about their elderly relative and whereby the elderly person is not convinced about needing any help at all. Often we will get involved where a person has recently had a fall or is being discharged from hospital. We are experienced at taking the stress out of difficult situations where a lot of reassurance is needed.

Our in-house nurse specialist can offer help relating to end of life care and to those with complex health conditions, we also have a dementia expert who can offer training and support to our carers and the families of our clients. We work closely with an independent private social worker who's portfolio extends between public and private sector care. Her experience of working with older people who have physical disabilities, Parkinson's , MS, Diabetes and mobility issues is invaluable to our team and our clients.

We have experience of providing specialist care to people with the following conditions:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • MS
  • Motor Nuerone
  • Recuperating following surgery or a hospital stay
  • Spinal injury